Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Good, The Bad and The Buggly

Good news, the blue/purple lagerstromia speciosa tree I planted last weekend has new leaves.

 Day three after planting with new leaves appearing.

One week after planting  the leaves are larger and plentiful.

Well now for the bad news, I can state that these are the fatalities of the great flood I had in April.

Three of my clerodendron quadriloculare have succumbed to flooding of their planting bed.  I will replace them in a few weeks time.

This photo shows what it was like when times were good.
Now all that is there is a lone shrub missing its three companions.

And now for the buggly: these Franginpani (Plumeria)moth caterpillars have taken over several of my Frangipani trees. I am sooo tired of knocking them off that I have actually given up on this tree.

They do give me the creeps and even though they are colourful and considered pretty (YUKKK) they do defoliate the trees in no time.  Good thing they do not kill the trees. Wishing all my gardening friends around the globe, a great weekend in the garden!


  1. The caterpillars are very good-looking, but I am glad they haven't found my garden!

  2. Hi Helen
    Well with your clime, rainfall and soil damage is repaired in no time and your garden always looks lovely.
    Of course the caterpillars don't actually harm the trees and the moths they develop into are necessary for the pollination of many plants and trees.

    What is the name of that pineappley yellow and green plant again in the pictures?

  3. too, I do hope they never reach your side of the world.

    Nicole......they are the golden crinums, they tolerate water and drought really well.

  4. What a loss caused by all that flooding! But I'm glad your lagerstromia is doing well. As for the caterpillars, they give me the creeps too!! BTW, I love the title of your post!

    Helen, I'd be delighted if you check out my latest post. I've uploaded a video of my nephew singing.:)

  5. Helen, you mean you are planting Lagerstroemeia already that big? I haaven't planted them and thought they should be seedlings. That nice larva i wonder how nice they are as adults. I found a big black larva also in taro plants, i also dont know how they look as adults. Today, we are experiencing the flooding just like what happened with you earlier. Maybe here it is even more! And there are two cyclones also.

  6. These catepillars turn into beautiful butterflies or it might be moths, I forget. However, I have the same problem with them on my Frangipani and the trees always come back even if they are completely defoliated. So, don't give up on the Frangipani.

  7. I love the clerodendrum. There is a red one out quite a bit here in Brisbane at the moment but it is more of a creeper than your lovely spreading shrub. I'll try to hunt one down - if only I can find a place for it!

  8. I brought a plumeria stick home from holiday on Madeira. It is now producing a few leaves here. Thank goodness we don't have those caterpillars too!


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