Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day February 2012

Bougainvilla nursery

 local orchid that grows wild in trees
this species of shaving brush tree (Bombax) is new to me 

 Vanda orchid
 Another local tree orchid, I have some like these and they have never bloomed for me. I wonder what must I be doing wrong?
 Angel's trumpet (Brugmansia) is hallucinogenic

 Hello and a warm welcome to garden bloggers' bloom day where gardeners from around the globe post what is blooming in their garden. For some it is chilly and for us it is hot and dry with some brisk trade winds. Many of the blooms shown here are from  the  open garden program held by our local Horticultural Society. Bloom day is the brainchild of Carol at May dreams gardens. To see more of what is blooming around the world take a short walk over to Carol's.
Happy Valentines and Happy Blooms day.


  1. Stunning colours again, Helen! That species of bombax is new to me. The orchids are simply beautiful! Blogger is acting up again...refusing comments from Wordpress which is why I'm forced to comment using my Blogger ID.:(

    Happy Bloom Day!

  2. Thank you Kanak for a moment I wondered who was "Nature Rambles". Blogger keeps freezing up so it is taking me ages to load blogs. I may need to start using my new computer.

  3. What lovely blooms and gardens. I don't believe I've ever seen the shaving tree before, the blooms are amazing.


  4. aloha,

    love that bombax also, i don't think i've seen that variety here also...btw your flower beds are so pristine (want to come over and help me weed some of my unruly beds?)

  5. That 'local orchid that grows wild in trees' is really quite something! All the booms look lush and exotic! Beautiful!

  6. OMG...the color of that Vanda Orchid is AMAZING!


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