Thursday, February 23, 2012

My instant headache

 Pride of Dominica (sabinea carinalis)

I was visiting a nursery earlier this week and discovered this amazing shrub and I had an instant headache! I had to have this plant! My breath got short and my heart was racing as I inquired about it. I was told it was called Pride of Dominica (sabinea carinalis). I found out that it was the national flower of Dominica and was propagated by seed. It grows on rocky scrub land by the seaside  and requires very little care. It is a great plant for drought prone areas. I snapped up two of these and am carefully planning on where I am going to install them. This shrub or small tree grows to about 5-6 ft in height and about 5-6 ft wide. This will make a stunning conversation piece when in bloom.


  1. LOL! I did think literal! That's a truly STUNNING shrub!


  2. What a beauty. I just love that color. Look forward to seeing it in your gardens.

    I wouldn't mind having it in my own gardens.


  3. Hi Helen, it is so beautiful, i think i am also getting a headache. I am sure it will grow well in our arid areas. Sabinea carinalis - i haven't heard or read that. I hope i can have it too.

  4. Magnifique cet arbre ! La couleur est magnifique !
    Je suis toute surprise car ça fait environ 2 heures que je suis rentrée de Dominica où j'ai passé une semaine, je n'ai pas eu le temps d'aller au botanical garden mais j'aimerais bien voir cette jolie plante. C'est peut-être de Santo Domingo ??
    Peut-on trouver de graines sur le net ?
    Bon jardinage
    Salutations de la Guadeloupe
    Mon blog

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  6. Helen, Just stumbled upon your Blog. I am always looking for good blogs in other place so I can learn more about the many wonderful gardens all over the place. I will be following your Blog since it is different that where I live here on the shores of Lake Michigan in USA and I think I will like seeing what you have in Barbados. See you soon. Jack

  7. LOVE-ly! Can't wait to see it in i's glory!

  8. How are you my dear gal? This plant is really beautiful! It looks like bougainvillea - flowers, tree and they way it blooms so profusely. looking forward to you March 2012 updates.


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