Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Racist Pig

Last month I posted about my roadside update, where I planted some Christmas palms and frangipani pudica along the roadside. A stalking blogger by the name of Antigonum Cajan from Puerto Rico posted a comment that I was a fool to plant the two together. I was very annoyed with him because he would often leave rude comments on my blog. I refused to publish any of his comments and he even had the gall to ask me why. This time he had gone too far. I went to his blog and told him that. This was how it went down 

Him.... "Frangipani and Palms! The organic matter, seeds and fronds from the palms, eventually will decapitate the Plumerias, FOOL!7"

Me..... "you are a bigger asshole to keep posting rude comments that I will never publish"

Him..." Sorry darki the asshole is you. Palms with plumerias? You are a retard, believing you have anything to say/write, while your garden shows your rampant ignorance, doing a diservice to your readers...and making my day...I probably write a post with your photos. Islander fool....with airs.
I set trends beyond my believe I care if you publish my criticism? Thanks for dropping by!"

So he went ahead and stole my photograph and proceeded to  ridicule me on his blog. I asked him to remove my photo and he didn't. To be honest I didn't care what he posted about me nor my garden BUT just don't use my photos. So I decided to doctor my  photo that he used on his blog.
 Many of you may have seen this and wondered what may have happened to the photo. I had forgotten that the replaced photo would not have been updated in your inbox for those of you who subscribe to my blog.  I apologize  for shocking you and I was recently made aware by another subscriber Kerry. Thank you Kerry.
Well the pest Antigonum continues to make  rude comments on my other blog,  the latest:
 "You were so attractive, wow...I am cured. Eenie minie, minie moe cacth the tigger bi di toes" 

I suspected from the start that he was a SICK individual  and I ignored him BUT now I am convinced HE IS SICK RACIST INDIVIDUAL and I will ignore him. So please if you see this pest lurking and posting messages please ignore him as well.

 Update : Someone just sent me a profile of this Racist description of himself

"I am trapped in Puerto Rico. With many talents, unable to share my skills around horticulture, besides my garden with 120 species with their botanical names, and growing collection. A couple of neighbors interested in horticulture and my humble blog about criticism, pragmatic horticulture, landscaping maintenance practices, and the constant ripp offs, lack of aesthetics worthy of merit."
I can see why he is out of work and will continually be out of work.


  1. Oh Helen, that truly horrible. I suppose there will always be sick people in the world, but I hope that he leaves you alone in the future.
    By the way, I have plumeras and palms planted together and they do very well thank you - plus I have visited some very well-known gardens where they have been growing together for many years.
    Maybe there's a touch of jealousy, because yours are so beautiful.

  2. I always enjoy your posts, so keep up the good work and don't be discouraged!

  3. Oh Helen i am so sorry for you! Don't let it bother you too much. Plumerias and palms don't have any allelopathic tendencies, I see them often. I will send you a private email. best regards.

  4. Yes, I couldn't agree more with Missy & Marisa! Keep your head high, stay positive & keep moving forward so the negativity and evil of others will fall by the wayside in your shadow. I am surprised that a fellow naturalist would be so offending instead of being supportive. Oh well, good thing there is lot's of love & support around you!!! Sending you lots of good juju!

    Happy Gardening & best wishes always,


  5. There are a lot of strange people in the world. Obviously he is sick in the head. Probably best to just ignore him. He probably enjoys the attention. After all he won't have any friends.

  6. Sorry to hear that you are having to put up with this moron. Can you not block him from your site. Check with the admistrators of the blog site and see if they can do anything to help. And I allways love to see your work.

  7. I am a Bajan living in Australia and have been enjoying your blog immensely since I discovered it quite by chance a few months ago. Please don't let this poor excuse for a man (or a human for that matter) get under your skin. He is quite obviously a bigot and a coward, well below you. Ignore his type and take joy in the amazing talent and connection to nature that you have. Nicola Shepherd.

  8. Operation Ignore should be imposed.....just do it.

  9. That's terrible! When I saw the name I remembered that he had left a comment on my blog a long time ago. racist pig indeed! I hope you can block him.

  10. I happen to LOVE plumerias and palms together.

    ...and I LOVE you and your blog.

    So there!

  11. Thank you all for your support and I won't let that jackass stop me from blogging. He has been back and called me a w(b)itch. I almost feel sorry for the blighter, out of work and miserable. Anyway life is too short to allow these pests to annoy me. Love you all and thanks again.


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