Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Garden Blogger's bloom day August 2012

 White duranta repens  with their beautiful golden berries
 Radermachera or tree Jasmine I brought back with me from Florida
 Thunbergia erecta
 Yellow ground orchid
 Pinky looking ground orchid I got from tog of coral gables  a few years ago thank you Jordan!
 Pink pentas waiting to be transplanted
 The gorgeous white mussaenda
I am sooo Happy to see the end of the mango season, my back ached collecting these fellows.

Hello and welcome to Garden blogger's bloom day where gardeners around the globe post what is blooming in their gardens. The mango season has come to an end (phew!) and I am elated! There were mangoes all over the house. My freezer is bursting with bags of the fruit and my husband is complaining that he can't get counter space in the kitchen. I just have one more tub of mangoes to prepare for freezing (my poor hands).  We have been getting frequent short showers  and the garden is now  a verdant and weedy sanctuary. To see what is blooming in other gardens please go over to Carol at may dreams gardens where many gardeners can't wait to show you their gardens. Have a great week my friends.


  1. A lovely selection for bloom day, eswpecially the tree jasmine. I think I tried my hand with something similar, but it succumbed to trampling by the dogs. Also love the photo of your pots plants looking up your pathway.

  2. Oh to have so many mangos - but then having to pick and peel and chop would get tiring.
    I love your pathway with the pots as well.

  3. Oh Gawd, my mouth watering for those mangoes...
    LOVE the white mussaenda

  4. Hi Helen
    I'm interested by the mangoes because, it's finish in my garden
    I don't know why but our season is now in march/april, when I was child it was in july/august
    Beautiful also your flowers, beautiful ground orchids

  5. Oh my goodness Helen, that tree jasmine is coming along those flowers.
    Benthams is looking quite verdant...time for me to pay a visit, and collect my items from you.

  6. I love those orchids. Also, living in Chicago, it is very hard to imagine getting tired of mangoes!

  7. Nice arrangement of container plants along the stone path. The mangoes look yummy. It's one of my favourite fruits.


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