Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Year a new garden

The back garden was a riot of colour with containers filled with blooming plants.

 A spectacular bloom of this phalenopsis orchid.

 I was in awe of these beautiful anthuriums.

Impatiens dotted this container garden
 Thunbergia grandiflora

 On Sunday the local Horticultural Society commenced their open garden program. Located in the parish of St. John the garden covered approximately 21/2 acres. The hub was at the back of the house where there was an explosion of colour.  It is still a young garden  with many of the trees still in their youth. There were stunning sights like the white petrea  cascading along a support and thunbergia grandiflora on the lawn.  

Next week the open garden will be in the Sandy Lane area.  Even though I had announced the beginning of our official dry season in my last blog or two, it has been a very wet January. It has rained every day so far. So please take what I say about the weather with a fistful of salt. 
Happy  gardening for 2013 and have a great week!


  1. What a lovely garden. Pots full of colour always look lovely but those anthuriums are stunning.

  2. Lovely garden!Love the containers!

  3. Very well taken care of plants. I love that last vine, but you didn't identify it. But maybe if it is not in the open it will be invasive. If you are only near me, i will be asking you to help me landscape our area, hahaha! Happy New Year Helen!

  4. Ton jardin est super beau ! J'aime beaucoup tes pots bleus, la plante grimpante à fleurs blanches est magnifique (on dirait un Petrea que j'avais et que j'ai perdu. Je dois commencer à mettre de l'argent de côté pour venir visiter la Barbade
    Passe une bonne journée
    Bises de la Guadeloupe

  5. Absolutely beautiful contrasts of color and texture between flowers, pots & the foliage. I am sure it looks so spectacular in person!

    Happy Gardening & best wishes,


  6. Hi Helen! Thanks for your visit. Your garden is looking beautiful.

  7. This is a lovely garden! I like the arrangement of the plants and flowers in pots and on the trellises. You are blessed with a green thumb and fascinating landscaping skills. Everything is blooming wonderfully! I hope that the weather there has improved this month.

    Katy Eagles


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