Monday, January 14, 2013

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day Jan 2013

 Magenta night blooming tropical water lily
 Vanda orchid blooming for the first time and took nearly 6 years to bloom!
 While this vanda blooms nonstop
 Garlic vine back in bloom (Pseudoclymma alliaceum)

 Bougainvillea pink ice 

 Back garden all cut and waiting for the workmen to wreck!

 Hello and welcome to garden blogger's bloom day where gardeners around the globe post what is blooming  in their gardens. The rustic Bajan gardener has been busy preparing the homestead for roof  repairs. The roof is being rebuilt and we have moved downstairs. Hubby and I are now camping in the TV room while daughter along the rest of stuff in the great room or the formal living room that had been empty for years. Yes I am sleeping with the dogs, not quite but they seem to think that.  The roof will take about  six weeks to complete (I hope).

I have taken back what I had said about our dry season starting in November. We have had rain almost every day so far this month. The night temperatures have been  hovering  between 20-24C while the day remains a constant 27-30C. The ground is saturated and everything is green and lush.  I am hoping that the dry season will kick in while the roof is being built. To see more of what is blooming in gardens around the world please visit Carol at may dreams gardens. 
Have a great week my friends!


  1. Best of luck with those roof repairs. I hope the job doesn't drag on for too long.

    I really loved the Garlic Vine. That's a new plant for me. The flowers are just lovely.

    Your Orchids are wonderful, and that Water Lily is magnificent.

  2. So you out in the night with a torch checking for lily blooms...good thing though, since that is a really lovely magenta water lily.
    Wishing you great weather for the next six weeks for your roof repairs.

  3. Hope you have a dry spell while the work goes on. Those orchids are a delight! So's the bougainvillea pink ice.

  4. Hi Helen, i missed GBBD, i seem to forget the dates now! Your temperatures are so good to live with, and maybe we don't have rains here because they all fell in your area. I love that bougainvillea, how i wish we have full sun near the house. I want to do that but i hate cutting the tall trees around, they might be useful as windbreaks when typhoons come. It seems that typhoons are not ordinary these days.

  5. It's pretty wet here too at the moment. Luckily, the roof repairs I had last year have held up. Hope your 6 weeks 'camping' goes quickly. I love that magenta waterlily.

  6. Love your garlic vine and icy bougainvilleas. Wishing you good luck for smooth and speedy roof repair.

  7. Happy blooms day, such great wonderful Orchids. You got a beautiful garden. Have to tried hydroponics gardening??.


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