Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Garden Blogger's Bloomday May 2013

 Cardwell lilies  in bloom these are easily propagated by seed.

 White mussaenda propagated by air layering, these were very difficult to grow.
 One of my favorite plumeria aka frangipani this one is named Kauka Wilder
 Cassia javanica in bloom
 Garlic vine (mansoa alliacea)
First blooms of Lagerstromeia speciosa aka Queen's crepe myrtle, Queen of flowers

Hello and welcome to Garden Blogger's Bloom day where gardeners from around the globe post what is blooming in their gardens. Spring has sprung in the Caribbean. With the recent showers everywhere is green with many shrubs and trees in bloom or getting ready to do so. The Rustic Bajan gardener has been busy with house renovations so many areas in the garden show some signs of neglect with lots of weeds.  If anyone wishes to visit me please bring along a change of clothing and some gloves. I promise I will feed you. To see more of what is blooming please go over to Carol at May dreams gardens  Have a wonderful week friends.


  1. I will come by to visit, but not to work, since I have lots to be done around here too.
    Everything looks so vibrant and beautiful at Benthams House.

  2. Always a joy to come and see your garden! The blooms are stunning! Love those lilies!!

  3. All sno lovely, I want the musseanda, plumeria and crape myrtle!

  4. Not only beautiful, but I'll bet they smell wonderful too!

  5. Fabulous flowers. I too grow a white Mussaenda and it's my favourite of all the Mussaendas. Love the Garlic Vine blooms and those fabulous Proiphys or Cardwell Lily flowers. Your Queen's Crepe Myrtle is just starting to bloom while mine finished quite a while ago now.

  6. Hi Helen, i wonder why that Cardwell lilies or Proiphys amboinensis do not seed here, they die before maturity. So i just separate the offsets.

  7. Wow - Kauka Wilder is amazing! Beautiful!

  8. I like white mussaenda more than the other colour variants. It's such an eye-catcher.


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