Saturday, June 8, 2013

House renos update

Old plaster was removed and the beautiful limestone exposed.
I loved the look but unfortunately it couldn't stay like that because of the elements.

A gray cement scratch coat was applied  and afterwards coral stone finish.

Sunburst design on the front patio.

House renos are still continuing at the rustic bajan gardener's homestead. I am exhausted from trying to get quality work from the workmen. Medocrity seems to be the standard and I do have a big problem with that.  
 There was drama after drama trying to get my windows built. I contacted several firms to come and measure to give a quote. After a week I heard nothing so I called many told me that they hadn't even started my quote as yet and told me that when they are finished they will let me know. I told them not to bother, if they cannot give me a quote in a week's time then they have too much business on their plate. One told me that I would have to wait five weeks for the windows while several others never sent in a quote. 

Doing business on this island is pure frustration.  I then found a firm with whom I gave a sizable deposit to and asked for a contract on what they will be doing for me. Well The cheque was cashed the next day  and after a week of begging for a contract I gave up and demanded my money back. The contract came after I demanded my money but I told them that I had lost faith in them and I no longer wanted to do business with them. I finally contacted a firm who no showed on me many years ago but I decided to give them another try since I was running out of firms. They came out the next day measured up and sent me a quote two days later. I went in to pay a deposit. I got a phone call later saying that the quote was wrong and it was more money.  I nearly had a seizure so I went in to see them again and we finally decided on cedar wood windows. I paid the deposit and was told the windows will be ready in three weeks. They have been very helpful and have consulted me on several occasions regarding the finish on the wood I wanted.  So at this time I have no windows upstairs and had to make do some temporary  plywood shutters on the windward side  to stop the rain from coming in. I am keeping my finger crossed.  More photos to come so stay tuned.


  1. That does sound frustrating, maddening even. Sorry for your troubles, will have to do some magic to make that better :D but loving your pics, been a while. Hang in there and send them all very positive mojo, see what happens.

  2. Quite the renovation going on there. I do hope you get your windows and that the installation goes smoothly.


  3. :) the joys of living in paradise! all will be well Helen, it's looking fantastic already! T would say..." nothing works but everything works out in the ending up" ...much love xxx I do know how you feel, on a much humbler scale, but you'll get there in the end and it will be beautiful xxx

  4. Wow, the house is looking brand new. Frustrations lead to happiness in the end, so look forward to the happy times ahead. I suspect a "home renovation over" get-together in the cards. Am I right or am I right?


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