Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lucky Sandy

 Pink Lagerstromeia speciosa in all her glory
 My purple Lagerstromeia  speciosa blooming for the first time.

I am introducing the newest member of the family. He was found wandering on the road late one night by my daughter who called me to come and help her. She had just left my house to go home and she saw this little baby in the middle of the road  trying to cross to the beach side. I quickly grabbed a box and mat and headed toward the location about 3 mins away by car. When I got there daughter asked if I brought a torchlight and I replied no. So we still went ahead looking for this little one on the beach with the tiny light from daughter's phone. We searched for a while and couldn't find him. I told Lauren to go home and let us hope that he doesn't get run over. She left and I returned home only to find my hubby in the kitchen preparing some hot dog sausages for the little one. I told him that I had forgotten the torch and will go back and try to find this precious bundle. Well I returned with my bright torch, a bowl with the hot dogs and found him hunkered down for the night on the beach between some tall grass. I bundled him up and brought him home. I placed him in my new shed with some water and the hot dogs and his box for sleeping. 
I am happy to say he is settling in trying to make friends with my other dogs who want nothing to do with him for now. I think they are jealous because now some attention is being paid to this newcomer. He  has already bitten through a computer USB wire, I have cleaned up four sets of stool and mopped up several puddles. I had forgotten what it was like to have a baby in the house.  Daughter wants to call him Lucky and I like the name Sandy. So I mentioned this on FB and many friend liked Sandy and Lucky Sandy, I will name him Sandy.


  1. Have no fear, Sandy will fit right in. Your other bow wows will settle down and love the new member of the pack just fine.

  2. Congratulations on your new family member! Virginia is right, I believe dogs have secrets codes on making friends so I am sure she will fit just fine. :)


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