Monday, December 30, 2013

Upstairs update

The Honduras pitch pine floors have been sanded and finished.

 Bathroom tiles are down tiler worked until 10 pm on Saturday. I can recommend Rommel, a good tiler he is and he worked with me.  Sandy also helped himself to Rommel's chocolate and disappeared.

 Shower floor in a river stone tile.
 Waiting on a quote for a glass surround if it is too much money I have some ideas using non traditional materials.
I will call the plumber to install the toilet and shower hardware. The sink will be installed last because I am looking for an old tree stump to use for the sink base. If that doesn't work out I have a few more rustic ideas to try out.  The last project will be the bedroom closets and that will be completed early in January.


  1. WOW! I love the floor, and the bathroom tile work. BEAUTIFUL!!

    You will enjoy that for many years to come.

    Have a wonderful 2014 ~ FlowerLady

  2. You're getting there....slow and steady wins the race.

  3. Looking fantastic!

    Happy New Year!


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