Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July Standby

 It is Flamboyant season on my island and in my garden!

 There are pockets of red at almost every corner in the garden.
 Aloes in bloom

 My Picobella Petunias are growing nicely.
Dwarf cosmos started to bloom.
 Blood lily
 Sesbania grandiflora aka Parrot's beak growing nicely and I can't wait for them to bloom.

 Apple tree planted out and doing nicely.
 I am trying to grow Kiwi fruit from seed. They took some time to germinate. I am babying them shhhh.
 I found this a few weeks ago at a local nursery. It is called a phalsa berry or Sherbert berry. There are a few berries on so I am waiting to see how big they will get and what they taste like.

 Also bought this Mysore Raspberry the only Raspberry that will grow in the tropics.
Trying some ground cherries for the first time. I am sure I have seen these growing wild on the island.
Dragon fruit growing nicely. This was grown from seed by a friend who gave me the plant. I recently found some growing on the South of the island and stopped and asked the elderly owner for some cuttings. He didn't know the fruit was edible so I told him to google it.. I stopped by a few weeks later to ask him if he tried the fruit. He told me he and his wife tried them and were pleasantly surprised.
 He even told me where he saw some more of them growing. I checked them out and they were about to bloom.  
 Hope you all enjoyed this post.


  1. Wow! Beautiful to see the plants in your lovely lush garden. We are on holiday in Cyprus where it is lovely and hot, but very dry. Back home in Scotland the weather continues to be cold and rainy! It seems you have the best of weather for gardening!

    1. Hey Nick hope you are enjoying your holiday. We have two seasons wet and dry and both have their share of problems. Right now we have had showers and the weeds are taking over.

  2. I always enjoye your post :) looking forward to a new garden, myself, now that we are settling into our new place. (the public transportation department moved us so they could put in a bypass... long story) your garden is beautiful..

    1. Hello there Shannon, sorry to hear about your old place. Hope you like your new place better. Thank you the garden is quickly coming alive with the rains.

  3. The garden is looking good Helen! Glad to see there's been some rain finally. David says a big hi to you and Chuck.

    1. Hey Norman good to hear from you and David! Yes the rain is coming in dribs and drabs. Hugs to you and David!

  4. Great going! Hope all the shrubs bear fruit!


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