Monday, February 15, 2016

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day Febuary 2016

Mansoa alliacea, Cydista aequintialis, aka Garlic vine in its glory

 Hello and welcome to garden Bloggers Bloom Day where gardeners around the globe post what is blooming in their gardens. My garlic vine is in bloom and what a sight to behold! Each day it changes colour. The Garlic vine is used in traditional medicine in South America where it originated. The leaves smell like garlic when crushed. To see more blooming gardens please go over to Carol at May dreams gardens. Have a great week folks!


  1. Hi Helen, it is so lovely. When i saw it in FB where i commented i thought it is bougainvilla, now i realized it is garlic vine. Mine is actually just starting to grow, have planted cuttings in Dec. So i will still wait for 15 yrs, haha!

  2. I am Kala Rao based in Bangalore. I need to redesign my garden. Can you guide me to whom I can approach for a reasonable fee to help me set up the garden

  3. Yes, I've commented on your post somewhere on google+.
    Your vine is so amazing. I have two mature vines but they don't reward me with such an abundance of flowers as yours. Absolutely lovely.

  4. Really Nice garden with lovely flowers. Can you tell me about the this flower ? When it blooms ? It blooms every year ? Thanks. :)


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