Thursday, September 15, 2016

Garden Blogger's Bloomday September 2016

My epiphyllum oxypetalum aka night blooming cereus bloomed a few nights ago and it had eighteen flowers opening  the same time. The perfume was tantalizing.
My dragon fruit cactus vine grown from seed by a friend. She had it in a pot where it had remained stunted for months. I gladly accepted and repotted it. Within a month it grew rapidly and sent out some side shoots. It is now clambering up this trellis looking for somewhere to root.

My first dragon fruit from this vine. I am not sure if it is self pollinating  but there were no other flowers on the vine.

Dombeya aka tropical hydrangea in bloom. 

 Dwarf sunflowers in a wheel barrow

 Hello and welcome to GBBD where gardeners around the globe post what is blooming in their gardens. It is very hot and humid here in the tropics. Those of you in the north are getting ready for your fall weather with your colourful trees and cooler weather. Rainfall is still not enough for my island home where some residents are experiencing severe water shortages. We still have a few more months to go hoping that more rain will come.
To see more blooming gardens please go over to Carol's at May dreams garden 
Wishing everyone a great weekend and happy gardening.


  1. Your Night Blooming Cactus is gorgeous! Mine has not made any buds this year. Not sure what the problem may be.
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

    1. Try fertilizing it Lea, a friend told me that she did and it produced a wash of blooms. Thanks for visiting.

  2. I am one of those "northern gardeners" getting ready for fall. I enjoyed your (to me) exotic blooms. Except for the sunflowers, and they looked so beautiful in the wheelbarrow. Happy GBBD from upstate New York. Alana

  3. What wonderfully exotic flowers! I had no idea the night blooming cereus was so beautiful! Much of my garden is just coming up through the dirt so I have a while to wait for lovely blooms.

  4. Thanks for the beautiful pictures, particularly of the Dombeya. I have a couple of different varieties of Dombeya grown from seed and they do flower but not as fully as yours. I guess having to grow them in pots in the greenhouse to protect against the UK climate does not allow mine to develop fully.

  5. Wow on the Cereus! I've had a plant for several years now, and it's never bloomed, let alone as many as you have. Happy Bloom Day!

  6. Gorgeous flowers! And, how exciting with a Dragon fruit. Up here in Oregon, I have to fake my way to the tropical look. It works reasonably well, but I will never have flowers like yours. Thanks for sharing them!


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