Saturday, October 11, 2008

My travellers palms

The travellers palm (Ravenala madagascariensis) is not really a palm but belongs to the heliconia family.......look at the flower it looks like a giant heliconia. The seeds are encased in a hard shell and are covered with the most beautiful turquoise covering. I have never seen that colour replicated by man. We planted this tree about six or seven years ago and was amazed by the rapid growth. It has multiplied to five or six trees. The young plants are almost impossible to remove since they grow deeply under the mother plant. The gardener and I tried to remove them when they were smaller but decided that it was better to leave well alone or end up in the hospital.

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  1. Hello Islandgal,

    My congratulations for your beautiful garden and your blog. Really sorry you could not eat strawberries as often I do in my Corsica island where mangoes trees lack so much (mangoes are my favourites...)

    With your permission I have two remarks about your vines :

    your "bignonia magnifica" is in fact Phyganocydia corymbosa
    and the vine labelled "cydista aequinoctialis" is mansoa alliacea.
    The crushed leaves of Cydista don't have any garlic smell !

    Best regards from Corsica island (France)


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