Thursday, October 16, 2008

study in green and white

After the rains, everything looks so fresh and crisp, these variegated plants seem to grab your attention at first glance.


  1. Talk about a "refreshing" post !
    I love the green and white theme ..your garden plants look so perky and fresh with the variegations .. very pretty indeed !
    P.S. Yes .. the rain plays quite a factor with how plants appear afterwords .. it happens here too : )

  2. I just love your blog! You have such beautiful plants...I'll be back!

  3. Wonderful varigated plants look lush and healthy. I agree they are show stoppers.

  4. Hi Helen, Thanks for stopping by my site and for your kind comments. Your blog is beautiful as well.I'll have to imagine what it must be like to live in such a tropical environment. Seems so exotic.

    I like your display of green and white in this post. I'm a big fan of variegated foliage... a must for a tropical setting.

  5. Hi Helen,

    Found your blog through Blotanical. I really enjoyed looking at your photos. The green/white foliage looks so beautiful.

  6. Lovely! Your garden must be really eye-catching even after dark with all that white in the foliage.
    Are the first two photos of bougainvilleas? my mom has a variegated one with bright red bracts. Do you have the same one?


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