Saturday, November 22, 2008

My house guest from the UK

Mike is a trained gardener/designer from the UK staying with me for three weeks. He is helping me around the garden in exchange for room and board. He is also a good cook as well. I am very grateful to have him here since I have been nursing very bad shoulder the past month or so (seems like three months). He has been a great help as well as a new garden helper I hired three weeks ago. Mike is a likable and funny guy and loves Barbados. This is his third visit and the first with a bajan family. He has given me some great advice as well as learning about tropicals. He plans to come back and he will be welcomed with open arms.


  1. Helen, I need one of those guys for about a week or two maybe. Wouldn't it be nice to give all my garden needs(a long list) to one strong back and put him to work. I hope your shoulder gets better fast... I know you have a lot coming up for Christmas.

  2. Yes Meems I will send him onto you when he is finished here LOL. I think am suffering from rotor cuff injury, I had it in the other shoulder 3 years ago and went to the doctor who x-rayed it and couldn't find anything. I then went to a therapist who did some ultra sound and some electronic stuff on it for 6 sessions. Nothing helped. I went onto the net and found some exercises and did them for several weeks (many many) and one day I was able to lift my arm above my head and around the back. I am awaiting that day . It seems to be getting a bit better but it is still painful at night. Well old age ain't no fun. LOL

  3. Can you say hi to mike,the guest from the uk.He's my brother! Gud to see you working so hard Mike.I've just got in from work and the temp is -1 deg.Can't wait to see you at christmas.the fridge is full of beer and wine.If ever you need someone to mow the lawns over there i'm your man! i'm a wizz on a lawnmower.I only need paid in red stripe or rum.speak soon take care.graeme


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