Sunday, November 30, 2008

hiking in barbados

we started out at 6.00am

north coast Cove Bay St. Lucy

cliffs at cove Bay St. Lucy

We've finally reached the summit

East coast Consett Bay St. John

down in a gully

fantastic root forms

To see the real Barbados I recommend Hike Barbados. It was started by an expat Englishman Colin Hutson who sadly passed away a few years ago. He knew and loved Barbados more than most bajans (Barbadians). Groups of locals and visitors converge at given points around the island every Sunday morning. The group is divided into three, the 'stop and stare' for those who are new to hiking, the medium pace walkers and the more experienced walkers the fast group. The walks start at 6.00am and finish around 9.00am. The stop and stare is headed by a very informative leader who will give the history of the area and information on the plants. I enjoy hiking with this group whenever I go hiking.


  1. Helen, Breathtaking coastal photos! What a great way to see the beauty of the island up close.

  2. thanks Meems, yes it is a great way to see the real Barbados


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