Friday, January 9, 2009

Bloomsday Friday

African tulip tree is also known as flame of the forest

Gosh my roses were pruned around late november and now they are blooming profusely! I dare not take a picture at ground level! The weeds are growing like wild fire and it has been too wet last week to clean the bed. I should buy some filter fabric for this bed to control the weeds. I think I will try it. Any suggestions?


  1. Your garden is beautiful- I can't wait for warmer weather here in Oregon, USA. I live in an area of OR that is way too overcast and rainy for me- I plan to move soon to Eastern, OR where it is a lot more sunny. Your sun looks very inviting to me :)

    I use a black weed stop where I live, and cover it with mulch of some kind. I like it because the air and water can get through, good for around roses that need good circulation. Works very well for me in problem weed areas, and I usually only use it in these areas.

    Hope your enjoying your New Year so far.

    Happy Gardening!

  2. Lovely tulip trees, it's so nice to look at gardens in warm climates at this time of year (from cold, soggy, Seattle). I have heard that jute or burlap coffee sacks can work as a weed barrier - and maybe you can even get some for free! Never tried it though so I'm not sure you should take my word for it. We have fabric landscape cloth and the weeds just come right up through it, sadly.

  3. Tessa

    thank you and I hope your new year is going good too. Some times the sun can be too hot and very little can be done in the garden. I tend to work early in the mornings and later in the evenings. I tend to take a break when it gets too hot in the middle of the day. I have tried grass mulch around the roses but that didn't last too long. You need to move south LOL for the sunshine!


    I have found a filter fabric that lets air and water through but it seems like our weeds are barrier proof at times like yours. I may give the potato sack burlap a try and the price will be just right. I will check out the supermarkets for the empty sacks. Thanks for the suggestions. Happy new year to you!

  4. That Flame of the Forest looks spectacular, especially against all that green in the background. Its one of my favourite lift-my-spirits tree!
    And all those waterlilies... what a sight! Lovely!

  5. Good morning, thank you for your visit and your kind comment which gave me the chance (I am glad!) to find your blog too. I'm overwhelmed. Your garden is phantastic and very exotic to me. There is a lot of interesting and new things to read in your blog which makes me sure to come back and visit you again.
    Greetings from the frost to the warmth,

  6. Helen, That tulip tree is phenomenal... I just love to see all of your tropical stuff... makes me remember I am not really tropical at all. LOL Also, have to tell you again... everytime I open your blog and see that header I just want to walk under that gazebo and take a deep breath and relax... it is just beautiful.

  7. Meems you have an open invitation to come and relax in my gazebo LOL. The African Tulip trees can be seen all over the island now and what a wonderful sight it is.

    Barbara thanks for stopping by and I do hope you get some warmth soon to your beautiful side of the world.

    Sunita this tree also lifts my spirits as well, seeing those orange flowers on the tree above all the other trees as I drive along the roads.

  8. Hello:
    I used to live in Trinidad, but even then I've never seen such a well designed, beautiful private garden/landscape. It is currently -12C in Ottawa (A few days ago it was -36C) and I am wondering how to adapt that gorgeous gazebo to my backyard. BIG SIGH
    Very inspiring!

  9. Thank you Indy,

    You have an open invitation to visit my garden whenever you find yourself in Barbados. About that gazebo first you choose the spot and I will come and supervise the construction LOL.


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