Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pond repairs Jan 2008

Continued from the post "an old year has ended". I got in contact with Junior the mason who came along with the help of Andy got started chipping away the old plaster. Beneath the plaster we saw fine roots from the golden palms that had grown into the stonework and had cracked the pond. I removed what I was able to and mixed a spray can of root kill. I then sprayed the entire stonework with this mixture when Junior and Andy had finished removing the plaster.

All the old plaster has been removed and Junior has started measuring the sand for the cement.

Here I am on the bags of sand supervising the crew LOL

Junior and Andy busy mixing the mortar

Junior plastering the stonework

The plaster had to dry for a week before we started sealing the pond. We used a liquid rubber and applied it with a roller brush.

We did the floor as well and left it for a few days to dry after applying several coats of the liquid rubber.

The gravel was rewashed and dumped back into the pond. That took about two days. The pond was filled and that took a day and a half. The plants and fish were brought back in. We had only one casualty with the fish. We lost a comet and have since replaced it several more.

You can see the mystic sharks enjoying their newly repaired home

This pond repair was a major job and we don't anticipate doing it anytime soon. My thanks again to Richard, my mother in law Barbara, Andy and Anne, and Junior the mason.


  1. Hi Helen! Great to finally 'see' you. I love the renovated pond. It really makes me wish I had one of my own filled with waterlillies.

  2. Sunita thank you and a pond can be easily made depending on the space and time you have.

  3. Just lovely is that pond and you the more. Thank you very much for sharing your home and gardens.

  4. Helen, What a job! Glad someone was there to take photos (LOL)... a very important part of the process. How nice everyone helped!

    A water feature is the missing element in my back garden. I don't have a "Junior the mason" around here so I'll keep waiting. Sigh.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  5. Hey Meems I wouldn't been able to post had I not taken the pics. LOL Keep your dreams alive you will get your water feature one day. Happy new year too.

    Paterika thank you too and a happy new year to you and your family.

  6. I had to scroll ALL the way down here to catch a glimpse of you! I am glad I did - as I kept seeing the photos in your blog, I wanted to see the person who created so much beauty!

  7. I'm jealous of your pond! It looks amazing. I used to grow lotuses in my copper but they didn't enjoy the labrador's daily swim. In short it killed them dead. Wahhh!!
    Congrats on a project that came out lovely!

  8. Hi Helen

    I think your garden is wonderful, my husband and two children live practically a stones throw from you (when you drive upto the Weslyan white wooden Church, keep driving we're surround two thirds canefield), we wish we had the time and know how to get our garden like yours especially your pond (I want Koi!!). If you can provide relatively reasonable priced contacts for future use in our garden that would be wonderful:)

  9. Hi Helen, (My sister is called Helen so cant forget yours but she a pieces)

    Me again, only fair I share a little bit about myself (Cindy), I originally from the UK and have been living in Barbados for the last 17year, my second husband Julian although Bajan was born in Jamaica, my two children Alex 14 3/4 and daughter Montana 12 3/4 were born in UK also. We have been living in St. Lucy since we married nearly 2years now, still trying to finish the house and obviously trying to figure out what to do with all this land;-)


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