Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bonne Annee Happy New Year to all

Wishing all bloggers and families
a peaceful and healthy 2009
Don't worry about the wealth it will come in many ways that we didn't expect
A wealth of new friends
A wealth of blooms
A wealth of compassion
forget the gloom
Life is too short to be angry
learn to live, laugh and forgive
Share love, hugs and warm wishes
with many who have not experienced such in a lifetime
We can make a difference


  1. You have a lovely home here. Happy New year. I hope to see your lovely garden when next you have an open garden day.


  2. I am from Montego Bay, Jamaica, and really enjoyed your knowledgeable remarks. Just got into ponds, koi and water lilies, so this is very cool to be reading about and learning from you.


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