Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Babies are 2 weeks old

the beautiful Irwin mango

today at two weeks old

the nest is so well hidden above the mango

at one week old look at them saying "feed me feed me"

The humming bird babies are now two weeks old and they are growing very quickly. Their bills are now taking shape and tiny feathers are replacing the downy covering they were born with. It seems that they are hungry all the time LOL.


  1. Is this a pink mango I see? Congratulations! You have successfully helped raised a nest of humming birds. How did you take these lovely nestlings on the tree?

  2. Wow, you got some really great photos of the babies. Nice going. And the mango looks good enough to eat. I found a mockingbird's nest with babies in one of my pea trees but, it's so nestled inside the tree, I cannot get some good photos.

  3. The Mango is an interesting variety for me; Pink mango is something i haven't seen earlier though Mangoes abound here.
    The way you've captured the humming baby beauties is breathtaking. It is an absolutely astounding job.

  4. Thanks for sharing those great pictures! The birdies make my heart melt...

  5. How lucky you are! The color of your mango is other worldly... what color is it when you cut into it? Wow! Those babies!!! Yes very lucky indeed! So are we!

  6. Thank you all for your comments and I have just finished doing a post on that variety of mango for all of you.

  7. OOh look at those hungry mouths - how clever of you to capture that!


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