Friday, August 28, 2009

Bloomin' Friday around Barbados

traffic stoppers Barbados black belly sheep

The delonix regia is still in bloom around the island. This morning I was on my way to Bridgetown our capital, I took several photos of this beautiful tree in bloom. There was a traffic stoppage on the west coast and had to wait a while. When I got to the see what was causing the problem I chuckled. There was this flock of our local black belly sheep grazing and trotting along the roadside. For more blooming Friday please take a stroll over to Katerina at roses and stuff .


  1. The traffic stoppers are great! We also have cows stopping traffic sometime.

  2. The sheep made me smile! I thought that could happen only in India:) The trees look lovely. They're still in bloom here too but the backdrop in Barbados is lovelier!!

  3. I didn't know there was yellow delonix regia, too! I have only seen it in shades of red and orange. The yellow variety is so beautiful.

  4. Aaah... Barbados seems to be more like India than I thought. You have sheep, we have cows. Sometimes the odd elephant (tame, thankfully) chips in too :D
    We call the Delonix regia 'gul mohur' in India. Isnt it a beautiful tree? I prefer the scarlet blooms to the orange ones though.

  5. Lotusleaf we do have cows doing that too but not as often as the sheep.

    Vuejardin they are very hardy animals. Here they are raised for their meat, however I detest lamb.

    Kanak thank you but I think that your backdrop is lovelier too.

    Anon I am glad that you have seen the yellow, and there is a rusty orange, I have seen only one and I plan to take a picture.

    Sunita I prefer the scarlet too and of course the yellow. We are so alike even though we are continents away.


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