Friday, August 7, 2009

Bloomin' Friday nursery visit

I went by another nursery I haven't visited for a some time (approximately 2 years). The reason ......well I didn't need to add more plants to my garden nahhh, well because this nursery is the most expensive on the island. They cater to the rich and famous (and the stupid). It is owned by a transplant from the state of Mississippi who has lived on the island for many years. The owner is not a bad guy really, if I see something I want and I don't like the price his staff gives me, I will call him and he will tell them how much I am going to pay. And this is all the time! I saw something I may go back for, a dwarf purple crinum. They want the equivalent of $17.50 USD I pointedly told them that the price is too high. So I was told that they will take $12.50 USD for it. I still think it is too much. I will sleep on it for now. The nursery itself imports many of the plants from Florida. It is well laid out and very tidy. I was asked by the owner to come and run it for him and I quickly declined. I have had enough of managing people and going to work for other people. Hey I am a free spirit and hate to be cadged in. For more blooming Friday, take a stroll over to Katerina at roses and stuff.


  1. I like to visit the nursery too. Here, it is better to go on Fridays, when they bring in all the new plants. Quite often, I will ask the seller to show me the cheapest /promoted items. Once they recommended (with guarantee)a portulaca seedling that looked like dried and dead. When I got home and watered it, it was refreshed and have many beautiful blooms the next day!

  2. I wonder how they make all their bromeliads flower. I hope you got the plant you wanted at a fair price.

  3. Ooooo... I like this nursery. It looks like it could be here... so similar except that it is 100%tropical... which I have a weakness for anyway. It looks like a really great place.

    Is the purple crinum the one with the deep purple leaves? I want one of those, too... or two of those too.

    Wow, I have been so swamped I haven't been visiting around and I surely have missed being here. I caught up with the hummingbird saga and what fun! I've seen a couple of them buzzing through here but none staying very long. They are so cute and fun to watch. That green is flourescent on your little momma... just gorgeous.

    Will be watching for them to fly away ... hope you get to take a few photos of the little ones.

    have a great weekend, my friend. hugs to you*** Meems

  4. Autumn Belle they have no cheap plants in this nursery...well perhaps the ones in the seed trays. I used go there when they first started and I bought many plants when they were reasonably priced. He caters to the expats who have villas here on the island.

    Lotusleaf I remember somewhere where they put a piece of fruit into the bromiliad and when the fruit rots it emits a gas that will trigger off flowering. You can do that with pineapples as well. I used to use cherries and some how flowers used to appear after some time.

    Meems I think I will go get the purple crinum. At lest there are several small plants in the pots so I will be able to divide them. I will try to get them down to $10.00 USD which is equivalent to $20.00 our money. I do have some more shots of the baby hummers which I will post later on. Have a great weekend to you too.
    hugs to you

  5. I figured that was an expat type of nursery based on your description. I've seen those pots with stones here in the U.S. and thought they were really beautiful (and heavy!). So interesting to see how different your plant selection is!

  6. What a beautiful nursery! The bromeliads and the pots/birdhouses...just lovely!

  7. Ha ha made me laugh with that statement on those rich and famous (AND STUPID)! Yah...some rich ones may not mind paying more thinking they are getting the creme de la creme but in fact they are not aware that they are paying premium price for some normal plants!


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