Friday, September 18, 2009

another bloomin' Friday

this hibiscus sometimes bloom an all red flower along with this one on the same plant. It is a beautiful hybrid.
bedroom window view

from my bedroom window

It has been an uneventful week for me. I will be busy this weekend cutting the grass and planting out some trees. Next week Tuesday is Arbor Day in Barbados. For more blooming Friday please take a stroll over to Katarina's garden at Roses and stuff.


  1. The orchid is so beautiful. It looks as though I'll also be mowing today, both at my mother's house and mine as well.

  2. Hello Hellen, it´s so nice to see your garden, from a weather like yours hibiscus are so, so pretty.
    I live in Chile, southamerica, and do love gardening too.
    María Cecilia

  3. Jill-O...... don't you love the smell of freshly cut grass?

    Maria-cecillia......bienvenido a mi jardin! Estoy muy contento de que usted ha visitado mi blog de jardin. Gracias! Hasta luego!

  4. Hola!
    speaking of hibiscus....., I planted a variety called "Hibiscus sabadariffa" also known as Roselle or Jamaican Sorrel.I was hoping it was the same flower used to make a yummy tea here in Nicaragua called "jamaica." It has deep red leaves (taste like cranberry) but as of yet no flowers. do you know this plant?
    muchas gracias!

  5. Hola Liz....yes I know that plant, we grow it for a Christmas drink called sorell. I also make jam with it and tastes like cranberry. It usually flower in three months after sowing. Thanks for stopping by. I know the one with the green leaves. The flower is used to make the drink or jam.

  6. Hi Helen...
    Nice pictures. Good luck with the maintenance drive this weekend.
    What's that plant with pink flowers in the picture?

  7. Absolutely stunning photos, Helen. The orchid shots are superb! For us here, the cultivars are never mentioned/named in our nurseries. That hybrid is so striking!

  8. Islandgal246, thank you very much for informing me that my choy sum has been hit by the leaf miner damage. You truly impressed me with your knowledge on gardening. I have checked out the link you gave me on this damage. Now I know what affected my plants. Thank you very much for your kindness in sharing your knowledge.

    Besides that, I wanna say you have a beautiful view from your bedroom. It would be lovely to wake up in the morning and look through the window and being greeted by those colourful bright blossoms view.

    Wish you a great weekend ahead.

  9. Very beautiful view! I love it. I wish I have a garden as beautiful as yours. Your orchid is magnificent. oh wow that hibiscus gives red flowers too? What a plant! It is really a beauty. Tq for introducing this wonderful hybrid. Here's wishing you a happy weekend!

  10. Urban Green..... it is sweltering hot today and I will start later in the day when the sun is not so hot. The pink flower plant in the bedroom window view is the mussaenda. is the same here too cultivars are hardly ever mentioned, I think it is laziness on the part of the retailer.

    J.C..... you are very welcome I really don't know a lot but am very glad to share what little I know. I like to look out the window sometimes at night when there is a full moon and early in the morning.

    Stephanie.... sometimes I wish it was a smaller garden when there is much work to be done. Thank you for you lovely compliments.

    Thank you folks for your comments and have a great weekend.

  11. I love your views from your bedroom. It must make you smile each morning. Lovely orchids as well!


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