Monday, September 14, 2009

the Komodo dragons of my garden ...hic ...hic

Lizards are plentiful in my garden, they are kept busy by eating bugs, their favourites are ants and termites. They also like to challenge each other. They are quite colourful and are masters of camouflage. They also compete with the hummers at the feeder. Many people are afraid of them and will kill them in a flash. I usually explain to them that they are very useful in the house and garden. They get rid of the spiders and bugs that hang around the lights at night. Lizards have also been serenaded in song...a popular calypso hit was done in the 60's sung by the Mighty Sparrow the greatest Calypsonian in the world, from Trinidad and Tobago. It was a song (tongue in cheek) about this lizard that ran up this teacher's leg while she was teaching a class. Her name was Mildred. These are the some words I remember singing as a child out of the earshot of my parents (we were forbidden to sing this song).

Playing in the class with a lizard in a glass,
The lizard get away from Ruth, and run by the teacher's foot,
Oh Lord the children frighten, wondering what go happen?
The teacher laughing out tee heee heee and looking at everybody.

The lizard ran up she foot and it disappear,
Everybody still searching every where
Where the lizard?
Teacher Mildred?
Under she dress, taking a rest
The way she jolly and happy,
I know the lizard must be tickling she......


  1. That's a funny song and cute looking lizards. I guess I would have been frightened of them as well, if I didn't know they were harmless. Nice shots!

  2. So many lizards out there? They are so greenish. Over here, lizards are brownish :-)

  3. Nature has been a little biased against reptiles. The babies of all the animals have an innate hypnotic attraction, except reptiles; the little ones of snakes, lizards...look as vile as their adult counterparts. But yes, undeniably, lizards play an important role in the ecosystem, and even my house would have been besieged by nasty insects were it not for these helpful reptiles.
    Despite all the advantages of having lizards around, I wouldn't have something like Teacher Mildred happening to me.

  4. Lovely lizards...blending well with the surroundings. To survive in this world, that element is important. How we respond to the needs of the surrounding. At work place, we must try to fit in well.... Lizards have gone through this "blending" thing for zillion of years... ~bangchik

  5. OMG, Helen that's sooo funny!ROFL! But ummm, yeah, I can see why it had to be sung out of earshot ;D
    BTW, those lizards are real cuties. Love that blue-green stripe!

  6. Hehe! Your Komodos are striking! All the blotches of colour and the green/blue skin make them look so attractive. You've seen my grey/brown you know! Great shots! As for the song, that's so funny!

  7. Cute lizards! sung like a true caribbean gal!

    I tell my son the same thing about lizards, those i see at home are very well fed on spiders, they are chubby little things!

  8. Katarina...thank you the lizards can be a bit scary if they happen to jump on you lol.

    Stephanie...there are many colours here too.

    Green Thumb....Teacher Mildred's reaction was quite the opposite of most of us LOL. I would be screaming and jumping and shaking off my clothes. I would need tranquilizers after that. LOL

    Bangchick....yes sometimes we do have to try to fit in where we work however I was never one for that. I always stood out due to my love of life, people and laughter (a drama queen).

    Sunita....LOL it is a pity I couldn't get an audio clip of the tune. You would probably be humming it all day long. It is a very catchy tune.

    Kanak....Hah haa they are quite attractive and that song remained in my head after all these years.

    Racquel....girl where have you been??? I missed you!! I am looking for an audio clip of the song. Do you know where I can get it?

  9. Funny song, but I wouldn't want it to happen in my class! Your lizards are very colourful.

  10. Lotusleaf.....that will be the talk of the town if that ever happened in your class LOL.

  11. islandgal246, it's a very catchy song.

  12. Thanks Mikey, now that will really be the pièce de résistance!


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