Monday, September 21, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays

We had some heavy showers on Saturday night and early Sunday morning. I had managed to cut half of the lawn on Saturday evening (it was a blistering hot day).  So on Sunday morning when my two helpers came to work and I was in a bit of a quandary whether to take them back home or not. I decided to let them work in between showers to plant out several trees that I had planned on doing the past few weeks ago. Well the sun came out and the day turned out to be a very good one. I was hoping to get some more showers last night (Sunday)  so that the newly planted trees will feel a bit more at home. It didn't,  so today I will have to give them some water (and it will be another blistering day  too). I also managed to capture some shots of dragon flies around the garden. While taking these photos I was thinking of Kanak and Sunita. I was thinking that they must have lots of patience and it must not be very hot, weather wise in their country India, to be able to take such beautiful shots of their insect life. Or they must be doing something to have these creatures stand still for their kodak moments. Please let me in on your secrets Sunita and Kanak!


  1. Hi Helen! Everything looks so green and fresh! I enlarged the pictures, and the last one has all colors of the rainbow on the fishes! Nice.

  2. Nicely captured shots...Helen.
    Kanak and Sunita do a great job with photography. While they respond, I must tell you it's quite a task (personally) to get the shots right under the scorching sun in Delhi. For me, something or the other goes wrong :(

  3. Helen, I chuckled through the latter part of your post:) Thanks for the kind mention!! Before I say anything let me tell you that you did a great job with those photos. The dragonfly in the second photo is very pretty! I haven't seen any in that shade here. So are the butterflies...the last one is a skipper?! BTW, your garden always looks so good!

    We had showers last night so it's bearable but on several occasions I stand in the heat(it's usually 35*C), to get the right shot. But the fascination of photographing these beauties is such that it's only when I finish I realize that several mosquitoes are feasting on my hands/legs!! And my sons must whisper or use sign language when a butterfly is feeding on a bloom. If the butterfly flies away...they've had it!!! LOL! I try to move as gently as possible and not let my shadow fall on them. The idea is to make them get used to my presence.

  4. Tatyana...thank you. Iyes the fish are lovely and colourful.

    Urban Green.....I know the feeling when you are gearded up to take photos and the battery fails or the subject decides to fly off.

    Kanak..... Thank you I and yes the last one is a skipper. I didn't realize that taking photos of dragon flies was that difficult. They are very difficult to see on the screen of the camera. I think you and Sunita are very good photographers. It is the heat and the hot sun I can't take for too long.


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