Friday, October 16, 2009

eh eh anudder bloomin' Friday

Cape honeysuckle, I had  first seen this shrub in the Miami botanical gardens at Miami beach a few years ago when I attended a wedding there. It was love at first sight!  I just had to get a plant. I took a few seed pods and tucked them into my tiny bag and I forgot about them.  Months later while cleaning out my bags I found some seed pods but couldn't remember what they were. I threw them in a pot of soil and forgot about them.  One day while visiting  a favorite nursery, I saw the shrub again and I fell in love again.  I bought two of these plants and I still have them in pots since I haven't found the right place to put them. These are very difficult to propagate by cuttings so I will have to some  air layering.

milk weed that is food for the monarch butterfly. I haven't seen many monarchs this season in my garden.

The butterfly ginger or hedychium with its heady perfume. Prefers to grow in some shady spot with frequent watering. They come in white , pink and red . 

This is the pink/red and white variegated ginger lily. Still young and I hope to find a shady spot for these plants.

The white ginger lily and  I am busy propagating them.

My pine  cone gingers are in full bloom around the garden at this time only to last a few more weeks and will become dormant until next year.

A stunning red ginger lily

Pink ginger lily

The weeks are hurling by, and I can't believe that  it will soon be Christmas. I am busy trying to get my garden together for another garden ramble and plant sale next month. Lauren my daughter will be home for good and will be on hand to assist me (I hope). For more blooming Friday blooms  why not take a skip and a hop over to Katerina at roses and stuff. Happy Diwali and have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Islandgal!I covet your pink ginger! I have not seen a red butterfly ginger. Happy Diwali!

  2. Hello,

    What beautiful plants! We grow a lot of Cape Honeysuckle here as well. I love how the hummingbirds are so attracted to it.

  3. Your gingers are beautiful. I have Hedychium too in my garden and the aroma is simply intoxicating! Are the other gingers fragrant too?

  4. The Cape Honeysuckle is lovely but I find your gingers fascinating! So many varieties and such spectacular blooms. Looking forward to your Garden Ramble. Good to know Lauren will be with you!

  5. Those ginger lilies are adoreable! All of them...but the red/pink/white one especially. Drop dead gorgeous!

    Wishing you a great weekend!

  6. Oh, my, dear Helen,
    You have yourself some really pretty gingers. why don't I have those? I know I need some butterfly gingers but that red one... oh my... I really need some of those.
    Very pretty blooms in your garden right now... so wonderfully tropical!
    We finally have a bit of cooler weather today... got down to 70... Yay!

    Have a great weekend, my friend.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  7. I really like those ginger flowers! They look so sweet too. Hmm... layering method is alien to me... good luck yeah.

  8. Lotus leaf.....hoped you had a great Diwali

    AZplantlady.....thank you, the cape honeysuckle is an attractor here too.

    Green Thumb.....the pine cone ginger is fragrant too.

    Kanak.....I haven't posted all of my gingers and I am hoping that Lauren will find the time to assist me when she comes.

    Katarina ....thank you I just wish I had more places to plant more gingers.

    Meems....lucky you with some cooler weather. I had just cut back some of my gingers and I have sooo many little plants. Wish I could get some to you to try.

    Stephanie....air layering plants is quite easy to do and you are guaranteed a sizeable plant.

  9. All the flowers in this post are lovely. I like the pinks and reds. Even you honeysuckle looks a striking pink, which is very pretty. Seeing your ginger lilies makes me want to grow ginger too. Helen, I bet you must be very busy lately. Good luck on your coming Garden Ramble. Hope that everything go smoothly and a success. Meanwhile, I'm eagerly waiting to hear from you again.

  10. How I missed blogging and my blogger friends like you!
    Fantastic pictures - milkweed, ginger lilies - really nice ones.

  11. Beautiful photographs and what a lot of information about flowers for someone like who knows nothing!!

    You threw some seeds in a pot and they bloomed!? I think because you know how to take care of the seeds and the pot ... :)

  12. Ooooh! Lovely! I love the gingers. I've got a red ginger which always brightens up my day every time I see it. Where have you planted yours, Helen? Full sun or part shade?

  13. Autumn Belle....I am busy preparing the garden and plants for the ramble. I have had my large shade house cleaned and organized. I'll be posting on the great shade house purging. LOL

    Urban Green....I missed you too when you were on holiday.

    Indianhomemaker.....actually the seeds didn't do anything or I forgot and though that they were weeds and dug them up.

    Sunita......gingers prefer a shady to a filtered sunny spot with lots of water. The red can take more sun and I have seen them growing in full sun. I am going to put the red in the less shaded areas and the pink and white in the shade if I can find some.


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