Friday, October 2, 2009

what?... another bloomin' Friday!

I would like to know the name of this plant. All I know it is not a penta.  Ah ha! Shaijala has correctly identified it as a Rondeletia leucophylla or commonly called a pink bush penta or fragrant pink Panama Rose

Hello my friends, welcome to Blooming Friday! It has been  a hot and sweltering week.  I have been only going  into the garden early in the morning and later in the afternoon when the sun has started to move west. Nah.... not me and that hot sun, even the dogs are afraid to go outside.  I am hoping that this heat breaks and brings us some rain to cool the earth. Our weather starts getting  a bit cooler around November when North America cools down, so we have another month of heat to look forward to...... aaahhhh. For more blooming Friday blooms please take a stroll over to Katarina at roses and stuff.


  1. Hi Islandgal! I have not seen the mystery flower here. I liked the purple orchid the best. Have a nice weekend.

  2. You are right, it's not a penta rather, not the penta. It is Rondeletia leucophylla, also known as Pink Bush Penta or Fragrant Pink Panama Rose. BTW, is it fragrant?

  3. Wow! The plants look good. What's the first one with palm kind leaves called?
    The fourth one is white mussaenda?

  4. Lotus leaf .......the purple orchid is a phaldendrobium. Have a nice weekend too. are right on the spot! Thank you very much. You don't know how long I have been trying to get the name of this plant.

    Urban Green....those are cut ginger lilies with golden palm leaves for the greenery. Yes the white flowers are the mussaenda. Isn't it beautiful?

  5. You and me both, Helen. Its sweltering here and I may soon melt into puddle over my keyboard :P
    That is a Phal-type dendrobium, maybe Mme. Pompadour. Not sure about that though. It looks great next to the white mussaenda.
    Those pink flowers are so pretty. I must look out for it here too. (I wonder whether that was the same Shailaja who used to come over to The Urban Gardener some time back? If she is, then she's a scientist, or so I remember her saying, so no wonder she knows all that information... I'm impressed! )

  6. The header looks beautiful!!!! You have a beautiful garden, love your collection of plants and flowers...

    Love the yellow flower with black background..., the pink one is Verbena?

  7. It's hot over there....?? Here it is still raining and is very pleasant, now it will continue to get better till Jan...

  8. Dear Helen, your blooms look beautiful! Purple Orchid is my favorite too and I love the palm-ginger lilies combination!!
    Best Wishes

  9. Sunita..... my father who was a meteorologist said that October has been traditionally the hottest month of the year. This is one time I will take a trip to North America for a month...only I can't leave my hubby to take care of things. I think it is the same Shailaja who visit Urban Green's blog and Lotus leaf as well! My, my, a scientist? Well I am in awe, to be surrounded by brilliant minds and brilliant writers like you. Whew!

    Indianhomemaker......A big hug and a huge welcome to my blog garden! Thank you for coming. The pink flower does look like a verbena but it is called a bush penta or pink panama rose. Yes it is really hot here and I am gardening by moonlight now LOL.

    Green thumb.......the purple orchid is also my favorite too! Whenever I have guest to dinner or lunch I love to decorate the patio where we eat with flowers from my garden.

  10. Here from Sunita's blog... Congratulations for wining the Best South American Blog, and for finding a place in Best Landscaping Blog finalists :)

    Quoting Sunita,
    May your tools never rust. And may it rain or shine just as your plants need it. And may your typing fingers dance more on the keyboard with each passing day!

  11. I had to come back to thank you for visiting my blog promptly and leaving encouraging responses. You make my day!
    * Urban Green bows*

  12. Thank you IHM! I am sooo glad Sunita introduced us:-)

    Urban Green.......I am thrilled to know you too.

  13. always, your blooms are lovely! And going by all the comments, I didn't need to ask you anything:) Read them all, and ENJOYED your blooms!! Happy gardening---when the sun is down!!!

  14. Thanks for dropping by Islandgal and for the encouraging words.

    I just love the garden setting in the header. Your flowers are all so unusual and beautiful it's difficult to pick a favorite but I just loved the butterfly ginger.

    I have to confess though that everyone around seems so knowledgeable about plants that I feel more than a little lost!

  15. Have no fear Sujata,

    We will pick you up when you fall and lend a helping hand. You will
    learn quite a bit from everyone like I have. Thank you for stopping
    by and am thrilled that you like my header!


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