Tuesday, October 6, 2009

my garden helpers

Today I collected my new garden helper and other stuff  that had been shipped from Miami Florida  by my sweet mother in law Barbara. My older cart tires were bad and was down for some time.  The cost of a  replacement tire here, was almost the cost of the cart.  So I decided to get a new cart along with some replacement tires that were on sale. I  prowled the net looking for a dump cart and  finally found this one on sale at Lowes. I sent my MIL the info and she ordered it for me along with the replacement tires  You can also visit my garden junction store  site for more great garden carts. I was a bit apprehensive when first putting this together. The last one I had put together was a nightmare. Holes did not match up and some nuts were missing, only to find them later in the yard.

 I then remembered my sweet dog Bobby who was alive at the time, nearby watching me intently. I must have turned away when he decided to help. Such a sweet scamp he was, RIP Bobby

After some time, (I won't disclose how long ) voila!  It was very straightforward. What I like about this cart is the dump feature.  I can carry soil or manure to my plant beds with ease. I can also carry plants and heavy stuff up to 300 lbs so they say.

I can't wait to try it out!

Here they are, my garden helpers. My old one has new boots now so he won't feel left out.
 Thank you Barbs! See you in January!


  1. That's good news, Helen!
    It must be such a relief to get those. All the best with your new helpers while we look forward to more from your blooming garden :)

  2. Ohhh...nice!It looks like you're going to have fun playing with your new toy, Helen! :D
    What did you use your old cart most for?

  3. I would love something like that as I cant carry things very easily...off to search English catalogues ;-) I do hope you enjoy your new Helper :-)

  4. I like the colour of your garden helper! So green and wonderful. It looks very sturdy too.

  5. God bless your Mother in law, and may she live long because they are not making her types anymore.
    Your acquisitions are beautiful. I am just going to forward your link to my Mother in law, hope she gets inspired;-D

  6. What a nice thing to have in the garden! You must be a handy(wo)man par excellence to have put that contraption together, and without Bobby's help, too!

  7. Urban Green ......I can't live without them!

    Sunita....the flatbed is used to transport plants and water lilies to client's cars and trucks. It holds 8 to 18 plants in pots and 1 to 2 pots of water lilies. Now the new man will help with those as well but I can carry soil, collect rocks around the garden (I have many that seem to grow out of the ground). And ...ha ha...I can also hook it up to my garden tractor to pull if it becomes too heavy! What a load off my shoulders!

    Myenglishcountrygarden....Good luck with your search. If I do find any in the UK I will let you know.

    Stephanie......the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. Let us hope it is not only for looks I bought it LOL.

    Green thumb.....My mother in law is very special to me. We get along well and we both like to garden. I wouldn't trade her for the world!

    Shailaja......I am not being conceited but I am more mechanically inclined than my hubby! My mother in law calls me the "Martha Stewart of Barbados" LOL. Hardware stores excite me and I own many tools including a chop saw and table saw. I plan to start making some wooden orchid baskets and trellises.

  8. Congratulations , Islandgal, for putting the garden helper together.I don't think I would be able to do it!You must have some engineering instinct. Both the helpers look so helpful.

  9. Lotus leaf ....thank you this one was quite easy except that you had to have the dexterity of an acrobat:-) using both hands at the same time, a screwdriver in one and a spanner in the other.

  10. Wow, great helpers for your garden, Helen. Me? Not the nuts and bolts type! That sounds like a feat to me! You're so efficient!!

  11. Kanak I prefer to do it myself when I can for most things. Had I ask Chuck my hubby to do it, I would be hearing so many expletives that I would be running out every minute to see if he had injured himself or someone.

  12. I read in your response to a comment above, that you love hard ware shops, so do I!! I love such things :) They make life and work easier and these look so cute! I would wanted to use them right away!!!


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