Thursday, February 4, 2010

An Open Garden .....The Finale

this is my idea of paradise

this was la piece de la resistance!

I have never seen a cannon ball tree with so much ammunition!

The house was designed to allow the cooling Caribbean breeze to blow freely throughout and is beautifully framed by flowering and colourful foliage shrubs.

Mr Ole Dam- Mikkelsen

Oh what a paradise this garden has been, with so many species of plants from around the world. This garden has given me inspiration to keep on going and dreaming that one day I can create a beautiful area like this. Remember folks, this type of garden doesn't happen overnight. It is many many years of hard work, twenty five years to be exact and tons of patience. My hats off to the owner Mr Ole Dam-Mikkelsen known as Ole (Olay) to many, who hails from Denmark and is from a long line of Danish pig farmers.


  1. What a beautiful place! I love the many different types of Palm trees - especially the cannonball tree ;^)

  2. definitely this is paradise! It is like a private resort and lots of plant collections in there. The owners could have very fruitful lives in their younger years. I can see most of the plants there are same here. It is the loving care and placement in landscape which makes them wonderful. thank you.

  3. I agree totally! We have start someway and with lots of perseverance, we would have a beautiful garden after sometime ;-) This garden is exceptional! Mr Ole's hard work really pays off. I love his garden and beautiful house :-D!

  4. Hello Helen,
    I remember when I saw your blog for the first time - when we were selecting most interesting gardens for our Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean book. Since then, i visited your blog several times, and it is always a pleasure to do so.
    When we visited you last year, we were working on two books. One - the Exotic Gardens, and also another -Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean, which is on the market now (and just climbed to #1 bestseller spot in architecture on Amazon site!). There are some nice places, also from Barbados - like The Frizers, the colorful and beautiful home of Ms. Loftfield.

    And, i just wanted to say - while ot took some time, we finished chapter with your gardens last week, and it looks lovely. The book should be finished soon, and should be on the market in the summer.
    Here is link to our cover design

    All updates on our site Ozone Zone books

    But main reason for my post here is to share with you and your visitors what we find the real piece of de la resistance when it comes to a Cannonball tree - its blooms!
    We photographed one old, huge Cannonball tree in St Vincent Botanic Garden for our book, and I want to share one photo from there with you. I am not sure if html with links works here. If you can't click it, just paste the www address to your browser and see it. Hope you will like it!
    Cannonball Tree blooming.
    Not only the size of the bloom, but the amazing shapes, delicate colours -and the scent! It is one of the most amazing blooms, I think.
    Thank you for your blog, always fun. and, thank you for having us in your Water Garden. We steel remember it as a very nice experience.
    I will sign as your follower. and, please visit our blogspot

    It is not nearly as good as yours - but i am simply not experienced with blogs too much...

    Cheers, Derek from Ozone Zone Books.

  5. It's exceptionally beautiful! I clicked on all the pictures to see the details. Paradise indeed! Love the combination of flowering welcoming!

    I've never seen that much ammunition on the cannon ball tree either!:) Fact is, there are only two of such trees in Guwahati. But Helen, I think your house and garden is also VERY beautiful!

  6. Noelle.....yes the cannon ball is a show stopper!

    Andrea I cannot agree more it is truly a paradise.

    Stephanie...I do love his house too and dream one day I can design one like his.

    Kanak thank you for your heartfelt this time my garden looks like it has gone through a very hard time. I am now trying to save some of my plants.

  7. This is indeed paradise. I love the garden as well as the house. I have always dreamt of staying in a house designed like this. If I was a kid when I get to have this cannon ball tree with so much ammo, I would love to play some exciting war games with my friends. Yay, yay, yay... :P

  8. I've never seen a cannon ball tree. Simply amazing!

  9. I've never seen a cannon ball tree. Simply amazing! Wonderful blog.


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