Monday, February 22, 2010

Ah feeling hot hot hot

desert rose

It is very very hot and dry with no rain in sight. Yet many plants are still managing to put forth their colourful blooms. I am indoors during the hottest time of the day, that is between ten (10) am and three (3) pm. Cane fires and bush fires are plentiful mostly ignited by human hand. The fire service is exhausted and overworked. I am very tempted to join my fishy friends in the pond.


  1. Helen, those water-lily ponds look so very tempting! That's a lot of blooms you have in there. Lovely!

  2. Hi Helen, we have the same feelings these days, hot,hot,hot! Your scenes are the same as mine. It's quite amusing that few weeks ago our blogging gardener friends were always talking about the snow and how long will be the spring! Then here we are talking about the sun and so much of it, and longing for rain to ease the feeling and soothe the drying plants.

    Are those in the 3rd photo citrus plants? My 6 trees are already curling their leaves to minimize water loss. But your Heliconias and dessert rose are blooming well. You have big ponds for waterlilies, oh how i wish i am near you! We will be exchanging plants.

  3. It is the same here. The heat and humidity is high. But the desert rose is a strong one. One that can thrive drought and heat very well. Its pink blooms are so pretty. Stay cool yeah.

  4. Hi Helen...lovely to be back. I have a whole host to catch up on your blog. Hope you've been well. see you around...

  5. Hi Helen!Look at the numver of lilies you have blooming! So cool! We are also suffering from an unusually hot weather and drought.

  6. Helen dear, you have some wonderful blooms to savor in that hot weather. What is the day temperature like at your place?

  7. Sunita...the pond water is like warm pee LOL and the blooms just brightens up everything.

    Andrea.....Yes those trees are citrus and carambola and they do look thirsty. too? this is the year for weird weather.

    Urban Green....glad to see you here, a big hug to you.

    Lotus seems that the hot and dry weather is a worldwide thing.

    Greenthumb... the day temperature is 84F with few clouds.

  8. Hello and greetings from Toronto, Canada.
    Just found your blog and I am very plaese about it.
    During the month of February I have been posting plant pictures with information from the Island of the Dominican Republic.
    Perhaps you can help to identify the flowering vine I posted a few days ago?
    Thank you!!

  9. Helen we could not have more contrasting realities . . . your hot hot to my cold cold and white snowy world. Your ponds look magical! I hope you are safe from fires. ;>)

  10. Island Gal, I can't wait to see what your winters are like. I know I'll be complaining about the same heat and drought in just a few months. And right now I'm complaining about the extra long winter. Nothing's ever perfect for the garden, is it?

  11. Guild-rez...welcome and thank you for stopping by. Ican you give me your blog address? I tried to find your blog through blogger and couldn't find that vine you mentioned.

    Carol.....the fires are still burning and there was one in my area that has kept the firemen busy almost every day. I do hope that they do not spread too close to me.

    Jean...... Ha this is supposed to be our winter season and I have never experienced this heat at this time of year.

  12. yep, same thing here,
    your garden still looks beautiful though. x


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