Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dry times and blue skies

the imortelle also known as the scarlet coral tree (erythrina lysistemon) with its striking scarlet blooms

All my Mango trees are in full bloom as a result of the dry spell, they would normally bloom around April/May. I hope that they will set fruit.

parched and cracking ground

toads trying to find some shade in the cracked earth

"RAIN RAIN come down and wash the whole of Bridgetown" we would sing as children playing with our friends. This is one time we would welcome such a thing. Yep things are dry......the ground is cracking making it difficult to traverse parts of the garden. And only blue skies are insight. I get very irritated when I hear visitors say that they don't want it to rain when they are on holiday. I would interject that we need the rain and without it we cannot eat, bathe and there will be no gardens to visit. So I am all smiles when I see the rain. For me it is eau de vie!


  1. The immortelle is one of my favourite trees, and your pictures are just beautiful.

  2. Oh goodness that toad errr... I am afraid of them :-(

    That coral tree is amazing. the blooms are fascinating. Yes, I hope rain will come soon for you and the trees. If not their flowers will be gone soon.

    And, I hope you will have plenty of mangoes later!

  3. Mr Toad is resting in his castle! The pictures of the coral tree are stunning! I liked your caption for the post too.

  4. The bright red blooms of the coral tree is very striking and I hope it will cheer you up a bit. I wish the wind will blow some rain clouds from the daily rain here to your area. I'll do the rain dance.....Rain, Rain, go to Barbados, go gently to Helen's Rustic Bajan Garden. Beautiful flowers need to bloom...

  5. Dear Helen,
    I am so sorry to hear of the drought on your beautiful island. I know how distressing it is for the gardener and the garden (not to mention the farmers)with lack of rain. Soon... hopefully rain will come.
    That imortelle is stunning against the brilliant blue sky. I'm not sure if I've ever seen one blooming. You have the most exotic plants!
    Florida is actually usually very dry during winter but we are having more rain than usual this year. The spring will be dry so this is a great help prior to all the new growth.
    Here's to rain very soon for you...

  6. Amazing photos of the Coral tree. All the Coral trees are in bloom here too and they look so beautiful.

    For us the mango blooming time is now. We're ahead by two months! I hope rain comes your way soon!

  7. I've never seen an orange tree like that before. Very nice architecture to it!

  8. Nicole......thank you and I remember that it is a favorite flower in Trinidad too in the national song. I still remember the verses of God bless our nation.

    Stephanie...I am also sacred of them, I give them a wide berth. Yes I do hope to get some mangoes...yum yum.

    Lotusleaf.....thank you yes a toad's hole is his castle LOL.

    Autumn Belle...I have been wishing upon a star for rain yet my prince hasn't appeared with some.

    Meems ....this the imortelle is stunning and i have seen them in Florida, am not sure in your parts though.

    Kanak....seems like we are on the same seasonal pattern. Yes I do hope the rains come soon.

    Tamara....welcome to my garden and thank you for stopping by.


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