Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bloom day Monday

this gorgeous plumbago is very drought tolerant

lipstick pink ixora another drought tolerant plant

no rest for the wicked...I was trying to get some zzz's in my hammock when I was interrupted by a four footed friend "Bear".

Welcome to Garden Bloggers Bloom day. This was started by May Dreams Gardens where garden bloggers from all over the world post photos of what is blooming in their garden on the 15th of every month. So why not take a trip over to see what is happening in her side of the world. The drought continues and the water police is on the prowl. I know nuffing and I see nuffing.


  1. The Plumbago has a lovely colour. I have only seen a paler version of it. We don't have the water police so far, but the day is not far enough when they will come snooping!

  2. Love the deep blues of your plumbago. Mine is paler.

    Hope you will see an end to your drought soon.


  3. aloha,

    you have alot of beautiful blooms coming from your garden today i love all the various hot colors especially your intense cattleyas - stunning!

  4. Hello Helen!

    How's your day so far?

    Love that Plumbago and Ixora here very much. The blue of your Plumbago is deep and wonderful. Do you have to fertilise the plant a lot? Oh it is drought tolerant? Well I think I shouldn't water mine (white) too much then. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day!

  5. Lotusleaf.....I also had the paler version many years ago and I dug it up because of the powdery mildew and bugs. I have now fallen in love with the dark blue version and plan to dot the landscape with it.

    Flowerlady.....there was some rain in the south and central parts of the island and of course it did not get to the north where I live.

    Noel....thanks for stopping by. Te colours are hot and so is everything else weather wise. Too hot to garden.

    Stephanie........I rarely fertilize my plants, if I do I give it a liquid fertilizer feeding.

  6. Most gorgeous blooms! I haven't grown plumbago before...very pretty. That orchid took my breath away!

  7. We are going to have water rationing too if the heat continues with lack of rain. Many dams in Malaysia have a lower water level now.

    It's timely to learn that these plants can tolerate drought!!

    Helen, I love the plumbago photo that you took. It is so beautiful. Used to grow them but they don't bloom for me! Sigh!

  8. Those are beautiful photos. My favorite is the plombago. It has a great blue tone to it and a nice smell too.

  9. Your plumbago is very nice with this blue
    I also like this catleya and the dog

  10. Dirty Girl Gardening......yes Bear is adorable and mischievous.

    Kanak ....I am very happy to see you back. Plumbago should grow in your region, they do add a bit of blue allure to the garden.

    J.C....Plumbago needs full sun and let them dry out a bit before watering them. Yes this drought is very alarming, let us hope that the rains come soon.

    SGTips.....thank you for stopping by yest the plumbago is stunning.

    Janine....Bear seems to be a hit with everyone. Plumbago should do well in Guadeloupe.

  11. Wonderful Wonderful photos! I can just imagine that tropical perfume from those flowers. Any four footed friends are a joy to see in people's gardens! Bear looks lovely!

  12. Thanks God for drought tolerant blooms!!
    Bear Hugs to 'Bear' :)


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