Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The ravages of drought

dark clouds overhead but no rain

my breadfruit leaf fern has withered, it looks almost dead. I was told would comeback and I do hope so.

I have been off the radar last week with a bout of the flu and some computer problems. UGH...... it was bad, fever and a very sore throat as well as throwing up. After a week of drinking soup, I tried eating two slices of pizza on Saturday evening. I got through the first slice and decided to take on a second one. On the last bite I felt nauseated and made a dash for the bathroom. My stomach muscles and my tongue were very sore after that exercise. I told my hubby about it and his response was, "all that good pizza?" I feel a lot better now.

And the drought continues! We've had a shower of rain on Monday but by the next day the heat dried it up so we are back to the same old same old.

Monday was world water day and it has brought home to many of us that we must not take this precious commodity for granted. We all have to find ways of storing rain water for times like these. I have an area that water settles for a day after a heavy downpour. I am thinking of digging a fairly deep catchment area . My hubby is against it because he says it will dry up. But he doesn't seem to want to think about water storage. I will go ahead and call in the tractor to dig the existing area deeper and my helpers will compact the clay like soil. I will then decide if to go with a liner or not. Sometimes men can't see further than their noses.

Last Saturday I had a very pleasant visit from Nicole (in person) from Caribbean garden who was in Barbados for a few days. It was a pleasure meeting up with her and I look forward to seeing her on her next visit.


  1. I sure hope you get some rain soon. Hopefully you won't lose any plants, they are just resting to preserve growing energy.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. oh gosh the place is so dried up. I was away last weekend and when I got back I was shock to see my cosmos half dead. It was a hot weekend. But fortunately, it rained on Sunday evening. The plant was rejuvenated and not dead yet - thank goodness! But most of the leaves were dried up.

    Nonetheless, I hope it will rain soon at your place.

  3. Here's to hoping you get some rain (and lots of it) soon. The beautify flora in Barbados is second to none.

    Yeah, sometimes us men don't know what's best for us! :-)

    Ben (@Carib_Amphib)

  4. I hope you did dig up a catchment area... rain water harvesting is a good idea...

    I am on your blog after a long time... I hope you're feeling better too. LOL@ all that good pizza ;)


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