Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's a bloomin' Friday again

Welcome to another blooming Friday! I've decided to do this blooming Friday with a new twist. For more blooming Friday please take a swim or paddle over to Katarina at roses and stuff. Have a wonderful weekend my fellow gardeners.


  1. The water lilies are just beautiful. I like your new twist :^)

  2. Ha ha Rusty so cute :-D Love the white water lilies. Largest? Wow that's amazing.

  3. Helen, let me complement you first on your musical voice! The three lilies together is amazing! Have a great weekend!

  4. The lilies look lovely. and yay! yay! yay! I got to hear your voice...:)

  5. that was sweet and your doggie is sweet...i love your lotus flowers and pond..thanks for sharing.

  6. Yes that was beautiful, somewhat a bit blurry but beautiful waterlilies, not only the flowers but also the fronds. But i still prefer the baked plantain, hahaha! I seem to smell the aroma here, hmmmm.

  7. For some reason I always find water lilies very cheerful. Those are gorgeous. Also loved your plantain recipe although we don't get them that often here. But it sounded delicious!

  8. Oh, how very mind-blowingly, heart-stoppingly beautiful! Helen, you've excelled yourself this time. I do love your water gardens. sigh!

  9. So beautiful flowers..
    And you show tehm so nicely with your photographs..
    have a nice day..

  10. Thank you all for your kind comments.

    Noelle.....I am glad you liked the new twist.

    Stephanie......Rusty is such a cutie pie and the white waterlily is a favorite with visitors.

    Lotusleaf are very kind to me my voice sounds like a wailing banshee LOL.

    Urban Green......LOL You've made me smile with your response.

    Noel....thanks for stopping by and that doggie Rusty was a rescue.

    Andrea...I do hope to get better at making videos with my digital camera. I hope that you try the baked plantain, it is delicioso.

    Jean.......water lilies brighten up a dreary day. If ever you get your hands on some plantain please try this recipe. must get yourself a water garden. You can build one in wood and drop a liner in.

    Nature Digital.....A special welcome to you. Thank you!


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