Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the aftermath

Today is day nine after the great flood and the cleaning up is underway. I will know in a few weeks time which trees and plants will have survived this. The palms can usually take flooding in their stride however the water normally lasts two days. This time it lasted five days. I don't know if they will make it.
These golden palms were under water  in the photo below.
Bearsie dog checking out the silt covered grass, notice he is always there whenever I am taking photos.
Two days before the flood, I brought my car down to help pull this Jamaican rain tree (brya ebenus)upright. It had fallen during Tomas. It was staked up and we were quite proud of our handiwork. Looks like we will have to do it all over again.
The shade house is all cleaned up and looks like a place to have a cuppa or two.
 Before the flood the shade house looked like a jungle.

Hello friends, the cleanup is underway. The water has finally drained leaving a musty like smell in the air(more like sour).  Hopefully this will go soon when things become drier.  The sun is out hotter than ever so the ground should be dried out by weekend if it doesn't rain again. The air is very heavy with moisture, and this can bee seen in the early morning on the grass and plants. Take care folks and I will post soon. Have a great day!


  1. The cleaning up is the hardest thing to do after a flooding..back-breaking task indeed! Happy cleaning Helen, dont over do it, watch your back!

  2. Hope your plants survive their dunking. It's a horrid job having to clean up after a flood, isn't it.

  3. Helen...that is some rain! Glad you got most of the cleaning done. Such hard work! It's always amazing to see the awesome collection of plants that you have. I love your shade house...more so after the clean-up. It doesn't take long for the jungle to take over...

    Loved reading your comment on my blog. Hope we'll get to meet in the future!:-))

  4. Oh my heart breaks for you...hoping the palms mad it!

  5. I hope things are recovering well?
    What horrible weather we have all been having lately.
    Greetings from New York

  6. Good morning helen, one way to ensure you receive rain and lots of it, is to schedule some roof repairs, it never fails!! Although we are not nearly as tropical as you, we are experiencing unseasonably warm weather, it was 73F over the weekend. My peach trees are starting to bud and the first flowers of the year (as always) but never this early in January are my "Lenten roses" (hellebore)

  7. BY the way it was nice to see my(our and yours)frame still standing after all these years and storms!!


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