Monday, July 15, 2013

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day July 2013

 Malay apple aka pommerac, plumrose, cashew, french cashew, wax apple, otaheite apple, and malacca in various parts of the world.
 Carambola aka five fingers, star fruit

    Mangoes aka fruit of the Gods are in full season chez moi
 Yesterday at Holders Farmers Market where I sold some of my fruit.
 Red chinaman's hat in bloom for the first time

 Milkweed (asclepias) with a monarch caterpillar happily munching away
 White dendrobium never disappoints me.
 Radermachera  aka tree jasmine family bignoniaceae in bloom
Petrea volubilis
 Flamboyant aka Royal Poinciana, Gul mohur, (delonix regia) has started blooming around the garden.
 Night blooming water lily
Sandy baby just wondering what I was up to around the pond.

Hello and welcome to Garden Blogger's Bloom Day where gardeners around the world post what is blooming in their gardens. I have a bariffle (a Bajan word for plenty)  of fruit in season at the moment Mangoes, Carambolas and Malay apples. Mangoes are keeping me busy and those I can't sell I am freezing them for later use. The garden is now coming into bloom the explosion of colour by the Flamboyants will be seen in another week or two. 
To see more of what is blooming in other gardens around the world please visit Carol at may dreams gardens
Have a great week gardening!


  1. Seems like Sandy is in full bloom too...he is a cutie.

  2. Gorgeous. And I wish I were close enough to buy some of your mangoes. Mmmmmmm.

  3. You don't post often but I love to see what is happening in your gardens! gorgeous! all of it..soon I too will have mangoe's out the wazoo lol.

  4. You really showing off with all that luscious fruit! The white dendrobium look perfect, I do not know the tree jasmine, is t fragrant?

  5. Virginia....Sandy is full of fun and a poop machine.

    Helen....Come down for a visit and eat your belly full LOLL.

    Lady of the woods...I will be glad to see the end of the mango season and I don't envy you at all. LOLL

    Nicole....The tree jasmine has a lovely scent. Girl the fruit was plentiful wish I could send you some.

  6. you sure do have a lot of fabulous blooms in your garden! thanks for sharing your beautiful!


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