Tuesday, July 30, 2013

House in the woods

My friend Eliane has two cottages on her property in Martinique. One was built using wood and twigs that were found growing around the property while the other was built from mostly store bought lumber and clay roofing tiles. I was very impressed. They were built by a Canadian from Montreal who is occupying the very rustic cottage above. It took him three months to build the twig house.
Notice the concrete footings for support.
The roof is made from sugar cane tops. I asked if it leaked and was told no.
I can only admire the patience and skill of the builder.
The outdoor shower, I asked about the toilet and was told that there was a dry one nearby.
Clay tiles form the roof of this cottage.
This cottage was made from store bought hardwood. The door was a mixture of twigs and hardwood.
These houses have given me inspiration to build similar ones using local materials. I think bamboo, khus khus grass (vetiver), sugar cane tops and planting trees as the four corner posts. Hmmm food for thought!


  1. My oh my, what determined skill and patience to build...I love both houses.

  2. Yes Helen, they are very nice vacation houses, most of already living mostly in cities love to live in these cottages. These also look like houses here during olden times. Our old houses are made of bamboo and nipa while roofs are of Imperata cylindrica, more durable and better than sugarcane tops. However, these roofs are susceptible to typhoons here. Building one like that has always been in my dream for years, but haven't done so! Hmmmm, i wonder when!

  3. I will be travelling some of the Caribbean Islands in December and will be paying much more attention to the homes/structures while driving around touring... Barbados is on our itinerary... we have been many times to the beaches there.. love, love, LOVE your island.


  4. Virginia.....I am going to build one soon with help of course.

    Andrea.....I would like to get some photos of those old houses from your country to get some more ideas. You and I share the same dream LOL

    Ivy.... stop by for a drink whenever you are on the island. Just drop me a line. Will you be cruising?


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