Monday, July 8, 2013

Morning walk

 We wanted to go for a brisk walk on Sunday morning, day seven of our ten day sejour. Eliane our host took us to one of the most pristine areas in Martinique to walk and was a mere five minutes drive from her house. It was in an area called  Didier and home of the popular L'eau Didier. We walked by streams and mini water falls gushing out of the mountain side, fellow walkers some with their dogs greeted us with numerous "bonjours". 
 The area was magical. Elephant ears with gingers surrounded by ferns were growing naturally along the roadsides. 
 Carved into the sides of the Piton du Carbet mountain, the road was narrow and meandered with many curves. I was so busy snapping away when I realized that my sister Sandra and Eliane were way ahead of me and I had to play catch up.
 The vegetation was stunning, heliconias brightening the lush green surroundings.
 Pagoda flower a clerondendron added another dazzling display to the scenery.

 Bamboo was another popular vegetation seen along the road.

 Tree ferns were plentiful and at home in their natural habitat.
 I was wondering what several of these buildings were used for along the roadside. I found out that they were parking garages for people who owned cars and lived in the valley below.
It was a treacherous drop from the road and only accessible by steps in most places.
 This Tibouchina was covered in blooms.

 Steps leading to the many homes in the valley. There must have been about a hundred of them here and I mused that the residents were probably the fittest on the island. Imagine taking your groceries  down these and having to climb them several times a day. I am tired just thinking about it.
 Mangoes can be seen scattered along the road.
 Wow look at that rooftop down there! I wondered where was the access to this house? Imagine visiting someone here for the first time.
 I was surprised to see a vehicle down in the valley. I later discovered a very steep road  leading down to the household.
Since Martinique is a volcanic and mountainous island, many mountains sides have been shrouded with these wire nets. These are a protective barrier to prevent dangerous rock falls. This is a serious problem on the island and has made it difficult and expensive to purchase viable land.
 The headquarters and manufacturing plant for L'eau Didier 
 Pumping station for spring water that is bottled under the L'eau Didier lable.

 Didier tunnel the entrance and exit to the walk.
 Sleeping hibiscus or monk's cap
 We walked for about three hours perhaps two in reality but for me it felt like three. I look forward to doing this whenever I am next in Martinique. Thank you Eliane.

                                                       more to come............


  1. I enjoyed this walk immensely....very beautiful scenery.
    Lots of beautiful plants that we have to "beg" to grow here are growing like weeds unfair is that!
    I always loved Martinique for its lushness, and the hills are by far the most beautiful.

  2. lush! just delightful, pagoda flower and sleepin hibiscus grow in our neighbours yard opposite our house glad to know them by name now, lovely post, thanks :)

  3. Its a lovely post . The senery looks awesome. Thanks for the post.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I wish my stay in Martinique had been longer than a day. Such a beautiful island, both the scenery and the people. Thanks for posting this.


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