Sunday, June 15, 2014

Garden Blogger's Bloom day June 2014

 I went to visit one of my favorite nurseries after a year's absence. I came back with a trunk full of new additions for the garden.

I have even started a succulent bowl. Succulents were never a favorite of mine but recently I have seen really lovely arrangements, so I thought I would give them a try.

  Have been attaching young orchid plants on this tree stump I picked up on the side of the road. I am hoping that most of them take root and can't wait to see them in bloom.
 I bought two of these spathiphyllums aka giant peace lilies. I know they are slug and snail food but I plan to keep a sharp eye on them

 Got meself some Vanilla orchids woo hoo! I am going to try producing some vanilla!
 It is still bone dry and no rain as yet. This is our 15th week with no rain. My water bill was horrendous the last two months.
Dark clouds teasing
The Delonix regia is now beginning to show her colours  aka Royal Poincianna, flamboyant, gul mohur

Hello and welcome to Garden Blogger's Bloom day where gardeners around the globe show what is blooming in their gardens.  We are experiencing some very serious drought conditions and badly in need of some rain. The clouds are looking like rain but the wind is high and they are blown out to sea. We've had a few sprinkles but those quickly evaporate in the heat. To see what is blooming in other gardens please visit Carol at May dreams gardens
Have a great week and do a rain dance for me please.


  1. Did I hear you right? 15th week with no rain? I though I complained when it's been over a week. I know what it's like to look at the dark clouds and wish they would drop!....I have the luxury of a garden well...but if the drought were that bad, I would cry...

  2. Clouds passing me by here too...we need the rain desperately.
    Your new additions are beautiful...I really must come by soon.

  3. Lovely plants! It is great that you can grow so many plants out of doors that we grow in our houses here! Your flowering trees are spectacular. Interesting that you are suffering from a lack of rain. This seems to be the case in so many parts of the world just now. Certainly not something that can be said of Scotland this year!!

  4. Hello Helen, how are you, we have not been visiting each other lately. As i read on i realized we have the same conditions, as in the clouds are just teasing us, and a few sprinkles without satisfying the plants' thirst. But at least in your case you have water to use, my garden in the province is deprived of that too! My electric bill in the city for a month skyrocketed so much! But you will like my new garden, come on peep in, it is different than usual, haha!


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