Sunday, July 6, 2014

At last

At last this hemerocallis aka daylily has finally bloomed after 8 years of me cussing threatening to throw it in the compost heap. I recently gave it some orchid fertilizer but don't know if that did the trick. I have many others without blooms so I will try the orchid food again.
The yellow was the only colour that bloomed regularly but hasn't for the past two years.
This one was quite a surprise for me. I only discovered the spathe while looking for snails and slugs one night.

 My portlandia grandiflora has finally bloomed after nearly four to five years. These are rare shrubs and are grown from seed. The blooms fill the night air with an intoxicating aroma.

 The delonix regia  aka flamboyant, royal poinciana  and gul mohur in her splendor brightens up the gardenThere are five of them in my garden.
 These zephyrantes lilies are out now after the recent rains.

The rainy season has hopefully started ,late but I am happy. There is much work to be done now. Weeding and cutting back, planting and reaping. So until next posting have a great Sunday!

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  1. Doing happy dance for your rain. Hope you get enough. I know you need it.

    Your portlandia is gorgeous!! Would love to sit in your garden and enjoy
    it. To my limited knowledge, it doesn't grow in Texas. But, boy, the daylilies surely do! Hard to believe it's taken yours so long to bloom.I's a lovely bloom, maybe, they'll keep on blooming for you.


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