Friday, August 15, 2014

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day august 2014

 Radermachera aka Tree jasmine
 Pentas enjoying the recent rains
 Martinique Cuphea

 Star Jasmine
 Singapore Plumeria
Cardwell lily

Hello and welcome to Garden Blogger's Bloom Day where gardeners around the world show what is blooming in their gardens. 
We have been getting some rain and the garden is green and weedy. I have been working on the front of the house  trying to give it more curb appeal.

 The weeds were disgusting!
 I was tired weeding the gravel walk so I decided to do a concrete walk way.
 New garden wall built from stones.
 Stone wall continues around the palms making a large planter.

To see more of what is blooming in other gardens in far off lands please visit Carol at Maydreams gardens. Have a great weekend!


  1. Looks good. I know you will be glad not to have to weed the walkway.

  2. Hello Helen, i miss our blogging days, i now post only once-in-a while. I can almost smell your plants, we are both in our rainy season. I just am deprived of gardening as i only go home on Sat and leave Sundays, and the few hours i am home are devoted to the hoyas. I can't even take photos of the butterflies anymore. You should see my new garden addiction, hahaha! By the way, am glad your renovation is now finished.

  3. I am enjoying your pictures of the blooms in your garden. They remind me of my brief visit to the Caribbean. Don't worry about the weeds! I quite like them!! They are just like little mini-garden plants!

  4. Everything looks beautiful as always Helen! I just love the way you house is shaping up, very gorgeous!

    I just started using the cuphea you have which I absolutely have fallen in love with but you call is Martinique cuphea. Here they call it "Columbian cuphea" or "tarweed". It looks the same, do you think it's the same cuphea?

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    Best wishes,

  5. Once again it was great to visit you. It is always so "lush" there - must be nice!! JC


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