Thursday, September 4, 2014


RIP Sandy

About  month ago my husband went to pick up my gardener  who normally works on weekends. He came back home minus the gardener and was shouting for me. I ran wondering what had happened. He told me that there was a dog in Speightstown that was so hungry and skinny that he came back to get some food. I asked him where was my garden helper Chris. He said that Chris was keeping an eye on the dog. I quickly heated some left over chinese food and got into the car with him. 
We arrived and found Chris nearby,  I asked where was the dog and he pointed  to a wooded  area where I saw this sweet face looking back at me. I showed him the food and he came forward a bit, he then started jumping up playfully and finally came to me for the food. He ate for a few minutes and I petted him. He looked like a relative of Sandy my dog I lost a few months ago. I had no doubt this was Sandy's brother. My daughter told me that she had seen another puppy a lighter colour to Sandy the night we found him. I then lifted him into the back of the car and we made our way to the vet. 
Today he has put on weight and has been accepted by the pack. He has been neutured and has had his shots. He did not make a sound for two weeks and my husband thought that he was too quiet. We were looking for a name for him and my husband suggested Frundel after our Prime Minister who says very little or nothing most of the time. Suddenly he started barking and wouldn't shut up. My husband reviewed the name and said that we should name him Ronald Jones after our Minister of Education instead because of the noise he makes.  My daughter named him Teddy.


  1. A story with a happy ending. Teddy has a new home where love abounds.


  2. What a lucky dog! It is amazing how like Sandy he is. I wonder if they are related. He also looks remarkably like one of our dogs!

  3. He looks like Sandy, I do believe that Teddy is Sandy's brother.....he should settle in well at Benthams.
    Thank goodness for Lauren if not poor Teddy could have been named Freundel...what a calamity that would have been.

  4. What a handsome fella!!! I'm go happy you found him. Your husband is a dear and an hero in my book! Wish there were more folks like you two. Teddy looks like a real love--just like Sandy.
    I think his name suits him!


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