Friday, September 26, 2014

Rain Rain come again

The rain was torrential and lasted for an hour or so accompanied by thunder and lightning.

The ground pond  filled for the first time this year. Will soon add some fish for mosquito control.
I had managed to get part of the grass mowed before the rain.
Avocados will be ready soon hopefully next month.
Shade house a bit more organized thanks to Kris my gardener. It was a mess.

The ponds were filled to the brim.
Excess water draining from the pond.

 If you can't see the big grin I have on my face then believe me that I have been grinning since yesterday afternoon. We had our very first torrential rain in the north yesterday. This is the type of rain we need to fill our reservoirs for next year. I was becoming worried  because we are a water scarce island with no mountains  lakes  nor rivers. While most of our water goes underground with some run off into the sea.  Many people have installed water tanks and it is now mandated that all new homes have some sort of water collection. 

We now have to be very careful of mosquitoes breeding places because of the Chikungunya virus spread by mosquitoes is increasing. Some neighbouring islands are rampant with it. I have one of those electronic tennis racquets to swipe the mossies  when they get near me. I also rub bay leaves on my exposed skin and I have noticed they don't get near me at all. The sun is out this morning drying out the grounds and hopefully it will remain so because today is laundry day for me. Have a great weekend my friends.


  1. I am glad to hear that you have the rain you need. Everything looks so lush and green.

  2. Yea rain!!! So happy you finally got some. Your place is so beautiful....

  3. We have poor water sources also in my province where the hoyas are. I am a bit worried as they say El NiƱo will render early dry season. I can fully relate with you about mosquitos, we also have a small tank but mosquitos can enter too. Our drums are fully sealed, hehe. I love your nursery, very wide and full of plants.


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