Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What is growing in the rustic Bajan garden

Chocolate habanero peppers these are very hot!
Pimentos or seasoning peppers very full of flavour without the heat!
A variety of black pepper vine
Passion fruit vines
Papaya akak paw paw growing in a large pot.

Mamey sapote aka sapote in the islands.
Black sapote aka chocolate pudding tree
Sapodilla flowers at last! I hope to see some fruit.


  1. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog - love that everything is growing so well. We are getting ready for the end of the season - and soon the long winter ahead in a couple of months - so visiting you is always a "pick-me-up". Thanks. Jack

  2. Oh Helen you are planting a lot in pots! I guess it involves a lot of work. Your plants are healthy!

  3. Love that black pepper vine! Wish it grew here. And that sapodilla tree is gorgeous!! Would love to stroll in your beautiful gardens.

  4. VirginiaC

    What a lot of loveliness in your garden and now you have given me more ideas to try growing a pawpaw tree in a pot.
    Don't forget I want to try some of the flavourful pepper seeds in my garden, so save me a few.
    Your garden as always is LOVELY.


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