Monday, December 8, 2008

my old house

tv room/living room

The formal foyer that is never used
Formal living room that is used at Christmas, notice there is no seating. This because we haven't found it as yet or we cannot afford what we like.

Origin and Meaning of the name Bentham

BENTHAM is an Old English place description. The suffix ham refers to a homestead or house while bent, from what I have been able to discover, appears to be a kind of grass. So the name would mean a house or homestead surrounded by grasslands.
My old house dates back to the 1840's, prior records have been lost and I have to try searching from another perspective. The property was owned by a Doctor St. John and was left to his wife and children at the time of his death. The St. John family is one of the oldest families here in the north. It was then left to the son on his wife's death who was also a doctor who then allowed his unmarried sisters to live there until they were married or until their death. I remember some of the older people in the village saying that there was a post mistress by the name of St. John who lived at Benthams house (my house). In fact, the post office is located just a stone's throw away. The house was later owned by the Wards (Mount Gay Rum ) of St. Lucy who owned many of the plantations in this parish. 
 I am also in the dark as to who the first owners were and why it was named Benthams House. I wondered if it was named after the village or the village named after house, but who was Bentham? I am still trying to find out. 
The house is constructed of cut limestone and field stone. The walls are about sixteen inches thick. These stone houses are much cooler than the newer houses. It is a work in progress and will always be. The house has since been renovated just click on the link below to see.


  1. What a wonderful home, I love all the brights colors...and that doesn't even begin to touch the lush tropical surrondings! What a wonderful post for those of us stuck in the doldrums of winter...thanks! Kim

  2. Thank you Kim! You are welcome to drop by anytime.

  3. What a wonderful garden! We will be visiting your lovely island in a couple of weeks from UK and hope to see lots of beautiful gardens.

    Thank you again

  4. Thank you Roz for the visit, I plan to open the garden for a ramble so just send me an email when you are here.

  5. What an amazing house and with a fascinating history too! Loved the pictures and I notice a dog in the one of them! :)

  6. Good morning Mrs. Knighton. Its been a long time since we transacted business, over 7 years. I was going thru some old records and tried to email you at the addresses I had on record but they all came back as "undeliverable". I saw some pictures of your "shade house" and was wondering if that was the same one you purchased from us?


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