Monday, December 15, 2008

Joyeux Noel Merry Christmas to all

wonder why we have a fireplace in the tropics? LOL the fire is not real and we found the fireplace when we bought the house

Merry Christmas to all gardeners and garden bloggers. It has been a hectic week for me, I hosted a garden ramble for the public over the weekend. Sold some preserves and met some wonderful people. Garden blogging has allowed me to make many friends from around the world. Meems from central Florida with her beautiful garden photos and very descriptive narrative, Sunita in India with her clever photography and beautiful style of writing , Nicole in my region with her very informative style and traditional recipes and Sharon in Trinidad with her free spirit and captivating photography. To all my blogging friends and visitors who have taken the time to visit my garden, "may you have a peaceful and happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year" This ditty is from my garden to your garden:

May your garden bloom profusely
and your plants grow beautifully,
may your ideas flow freely
and your heart beat melodiously

May all your dreams continue
without them we have no avenue
to get where we want to

May the birds bees and butterflies
hover forever in your skies
Please take time
to savour and share the flavours

The rewards
of all your garden endeavours

Helen Knighton Dec 2008


  1. Helen, I took some time off from blogging last week to concentrate on family and Christmas. Somehow I missed this very thoughtful post. Thank you for the link-love and the mention of new friendship. Blogging has certainly opened up a whole new world for me and for gardeners around the globe. It is fascinating to communicate and see the similarities and differences. Your poem is quite special as are all your decorations and shared photos.

  2. Thank you Meems you are a very gracious lady. I think every one was busy getting ready for Christmas. I am very happy to have met you on the net and who knows we may meet up in person one day. Your garden is inspiring and am surprised that you haven't published a book as yet! You should really consider that.


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