Wednesday, December 31, 2008

an old year has ended

We had a very strong earth tremor in November 2007 and it opened what were small fissures in the round pond. The pond started leaking and losing water. So in January 2008 we started to repair the pond. We had to take out all the water lilies and place them in another pond. We then had to drain the pond and catch the many large and small fish transferring them to a holding pond my hubby had created. We had a friend from the UK Richard (backing the camera with the net) who kindly volunteered to help us, along with Andy who was working for us, and my hubby Chuck. Richard worked like a Trojan, when we wanted to stop he urged us continue. Thank you Richard and I know that you paid for it the next day with your back. We are forever grateful for your assistance.

My mother in law Barbara just couldn't stay on the sidelines like me. I was the gofer and had gone to get something for the boys. When I returned Barbara was in the pond helping fish the fish out. An avid fisherwoman she was as happy as pigs in mud.

Ann (in the red shorts) Andy's wife soon joined the team. Where was I ? Taking the pictures of course, some one had to do that. They were shovelling up the gravel that was at the bottom, washing out some 10 years of muck. The gravel acted as a filter bed for the pond and lasted 10 years. The gravel was washed out and dumped nearby on the outside of the pond to be reused when the pond repairs were completed.

Chuck preparing the holding area. He had to remove all the lilies that were growing out of the floor of this pond. He used half of this pond for the holding area. We had a division built in this pond so luckily it was easy to devise a holding area.

Holding pond


  1. Amazing story about how to move your flowers and fish!

    Happy New Year!


  2. Hey,
    I am taking horticulture classes in New Orleans at a college and I found your site and I haven't been able to stop reading your posts and looking at the photos. There is so much color and so much lushness. I would also like to travel by cable under the treetops! Looks like fun. You might want to look into the history of your house a little more- there is sure to be interesting history there.

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