Friday, July 10, 2009

bloomin' friday and garden rant

dendrobium orchid
Barbados cherry

lipstick pink ixora
white dendrobium orchid

hosta or not a hosta can anyone help me?

Here are some blooms happening around the garden today. I am also not pleased with the recent water rate hike by the government. The rates have been raised by 60% so my water bill at the end of this month will determine the plants I will keep and the ones I will sell. This island is one of the most expensive places on earth to live. This island produces very little and imports almost everything. With this new hike in water rates, this will hike the price of locally produced food, vegetables, poultry, fish and anything that uses water in their production. A trip to the hairdresser will cost more, the price of plants will have to go up and hotel rates will go up in a shrinking economy that depends on Tourism for its survival. Since the new government has come into office they have raised the land taxes, the road taxes and the cost of drivers licenses have been doubled. This has and will impact negatively on the general population, the last straw was the water rate hike. This is a vital service and I consider the rate hike extortion at its finest. The political and financial backlash will determine the future of this present government. We are in for a very, very rough ride.


  1. You would think the government would consider what they are doing. People can only afford so much. Your garden is gorgeous, though and I enjoy seeing the beautiful plants and flowers.

  2. Hi Islandgal! It is a hosta. I have it too. Sorry about the hike in water rates.We in India might expect it too, very soon.Mulching might help to conserve water.

  3. The orchids are beautiful. I am still waiting for mine to bloom. oh, I read your reply to my earlier comment... sure I can share some Chinese recipe next time ;-) Have a wonderful weekend! Your first weekend into your 54th year?

  4. Your blooms are looking great today, the star of course is the cherries, I am drooling, I love those so, somehow they almost always develop some sort of fungus here.

    I still have to get an ixora, not sure where I will put it yet, and anthuriums, I would love to have some but not sure if they will survive me! lol!!

    So sorry to hear of your water price hike! How can one (new) Govt, make such drastic changes?

    So much for putting people first.

  5. I hear you. I have been reading that the Puerto Rican government has taken the same measures as Barbados. I don't know what they're thinking. People just can't afford all these increases on islands where wages are low. Hubby is trying to come up with ways to capture rain water for irrigation (when needed) on our property, as well as solar ideas (since power rates are also outrageous). Makes me think twice about moving back there, which we are planning to do before the end of the year. So sad for everyone... Fran

  6. Jeanette governments consider no one after they get elected. I now have to cut back on watering and find other means of capturing water.

    lotusleaf I just love your nom de plume LOL. I would like to mulch but I have a very large garden. I normally use my cut grass to mulch but i need a shredder to shred leaves and branches. A good shredder costs lots of money. I will have to see if I can get one on sale in the USA.

    Stephanie we could exchange recipes, right now am in a very lazy mood so I am trying to see how to eat without much cooking LOL. BTW am in my 53rd year now even though I check often to see if I am correct LOL. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

    Raquel how are you doing? We are not as lucky like you all in TNT with all that rain you are getting, and with the rivers and lakes you have. Governments never remember the people who voted for them when the get elected. Sad but true.

    Fran and Steve it is a sad reality when living on a small island like mine that we are powerless when it comes to taxation. We are the highest taxed country in the world after Switzerland I think. I have to look at another way to raise some income and am working on it.

  7. Sorry to hear about all the hikes!!! But your blooms are gorgeous! I love the lipstick pink Ixora and the cherries~~oh wow!!

  8. Kanak I have to remember to go pick some cherries before they all fall to the ground and rot. I think every woman at one time owned a pink lipstick LOL.

  9. Hi islandgal, you have very beautiful clearly focused photos! For a lengthy discussion on hosta please visit Jacqui's blogspot on


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